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The Google+ SEO Effect

It does not take a rocket scientist or an expert to know that the advantage that Google has over Facebook as social media platforms go is ‘search engines.’ While Bing continues to make strides, Google is still king of the search.

Photo credit The Daring Librarian

Over the past 12 to 18 months businesses of every nature have added Facebook to their marketing efforts, they have as this is where the consumer have flocked to.  As a business or brand, we all know how important it is to be where the consumer is spending their time.

Question remains what will make businesses flock to Google+ before the consumer does.  Search engine results.  SEO is important to any business, and really the smaller your business the more important SEO is.  SEO is also a very confusing art/science/game to the small local business owner.  They only know that they need to be searchable, and the fact that 80% of individuals who do a search do not go past the first page, being on the first page is critical to the small business owner.

You can already see significant search changes when logged on Google+ through your g-mail, as Google+ posts are now beginning to appear in search results.  It is easy to see how this can and will affect businesses and brands for individuals who are playing in Google+.  It certainly means that search results could have much more to do about what people are saying and sharing about you than ever before, making ‘social’ more relevant in search results.

Question is if you are a small business owner how will it affect those searches done by individuals who are not Google+ users.  As fast as Google+ is growing it will still be some time before it comes close to approaching the number of consumers Facebook has put up.

Either way as a small business owner, it is important to keep your eye on what is going on.  Learn what you can about SEO and how it can affect search results.  Take the important steps necessary to get your business Google+ ready.  In this economic climate, you need to take advantage of all the opportunities that you can.


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