The recent comments by Rush Limbaugh has some business owners and listeners asking themselves, is it worth it? Should we have our business advertising in his program?

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The recent comments by Rush Limbaugh has some business owners and listeners asking themselves, is it worth it?  Should we have our business advertising in his program?  Several national companies have pulled their sponsorship’s of Limbaugh’s program including a couple mattress companies.

It’s not the first nor will it be the last time that Rush Limbaugh has stuck his foot in his mouth.  If you’re a small business that has been buying the station that airs him, nothing has really changed.  As a business owner your media buying decisions should come down to audience.  As a business owner do you check individuals voters registration cards as they enter your place of business?  When they whip out their wallet or purse to pay you is their money red or blue?

With Rush Limbaugh It’s The Audience Not The Isle:

Rush Limbaugh
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We have clients that sit on both sides of the aisle, I don’t care what political persuasion you are, as long as you run a good business and are a good person we’ll represent and consult for you.  Not only do we put our clients in programs that they or we don’t watch, but we do the same when we’re advertising as Paradux Media Group.

The same can be said for Rush’s show.  If the demographic was good for your business two weeks ago, it hasn’t changed much with the exception of the spot light.  The spot light has always been there.  Back when Air America first came upon the scene there were individuals on the right that called the business to complain, called the radio stations to complain which is the same thing the left had been doing with the right leaning programs for years.

I had always thought if you dislike this program so much why are you listening to it and noting everyone who’s ads fall in the program? Afterall, just because an ad falls in that program doesn’t mean that I buy that program exclusively, it most likely means that I buy that particular station during the day and it fell into that program.

If You Like Rush Limbaugh You’ll Like NPR:

Typically if the demographic for Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and O’Rielly are good for your business then NPR probably is as well.  Same demo just the other side of the isle.  These are the same group of business owners that put the community first.  Play a large role in ‘buy local’ campaigns, as well as play a part in the Chamber, the individuals and business owners that sponsor so many of your areas non-profit organizations and benefits, the volunteers and the people who do what they can to help drive tourists and business to the area.

So as a business owner, put politics and programming decisions aside and leave that up to the professionals who right now are doing a mediocre job of delivering us decent programming, but that’s another topic.  Remember it’s about demographics and lifecycle lifestyle that is going to purchase your products not Rush Limbaugh, or Bill Maher.  We don’t look at products being right or left, we look at products as a need or a want…

Mike Frey

Before co-founding Paradux Media Group, Mike spent more than 15 years in the world of marketing and advertising. While working with hundreds of locally owned businesses, he developed an appreciation for minimizing clients’ dollars while maximizing tangible results for those clients.

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