Announcing a 12 Month Program for Small Business Success

Be in business for yourself, not by yourself. Small business marketing doesn't have to be hard -- we can help make it easy and affordable.

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According to U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), there are approximately 28 million small businesses and another 22 million self-employed individuals that are classified as non-employers. With more than 50% of American workers employed by small businesses (those with less than 500 employees), small businesses have been the driver of net job gains since 1995.

dreamstime_l_5274213As a small business owner you understand how important your business is not only as a source of income for yourself but as a source of support and income for your employees and revenue for your community. It is important to have access to all of the tools and help that is available to you in order to be one of the 7 businesses that survives the first 2 years, one of the 5 that make it to 5 years and one of 3 that stay in business past 10 years. One of those tools is the 12 month marketing program offered by Paradux Media Group that helps you coordinate and streamline your promotional and marketing activities in a seamless package.

Be in Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

Running a small business requires you to pay attention to a lot of areas, often times with little to no assistance. These areas include finance, marketing, sales and other areas necessary to be successful. Being in business for yourself does not mean that you have to be in business by yourself. Taking the worry about coordinating your messaging, image and brand can be accomplished by acquiring the Get Your Ducks in a Row Marketing package.

What is the Get Your Ducks in a Row Marketing Package?

Getting your ducks in a row is a tiered approach to meeting your marketing needs, based on your businesses status and needs. Startups that may not have a present need for a website may choose the Hatchling level to start, which provides the basics such as business cards, logo and promotional letters. The Duckling level takes your business beyond your logo and website and shows you how to engage customers and bring in business online. The Duck is a fully grown, fully loaded zero to sixty marketing system designed to move your business from web marketing newbie to experienced pro.

You may be familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email and blogging. You may also have a desire to integrate these tools into your business and your efforts to expand your market reach. Instead of guessing at how to implement these programs, bring in the expertise of a value added team that can help you achieve your business success.

Paradux Media Group

We are Paradux Media Group, and we are not your regular ad agency. We are a unique combination of strategists, planners, designers, and writers. We are the people you call to launch a brand. To create a promotion. Or to put you on the first page of Google. Specializing in advertising, branding, website design, and social media management, Paradux Media Group gives you the integrated resources you need in today’s changing business environment.

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