Adam Rotmil

Adam Rotmil began setting type as a teen, co-wrote an instruction book about Flash during college, and upon graduation helped rebrand a Fortune 500 economic consulting firm.


He has led concept development through press-check quality control. Adam’s clients have included Brown Brothers Harriman, The E.P.A., Harvard University Alumni Association, small businesses and individuals.


Among his accomplishments, he founded Adam Rotmil Partners while living in Japan, designing and coding web pages on-site and entirely in Japanese (including software). Adam provided linguistic advice during the rebranding of Cigna, the global health service company employing over 30,000.


He writes for Advertising Week online and is among its social media team, connecting with youth culture after spending time with Tokyo DJs and actors.


Adam has published in Forbes and Applied Arts. He has spoken on design at art schools and at the AIGA Annual Conference. Adam holds a BFA degree from The Art Institute of Boston; studied typography at HGK Basel, Switzerland; studied Japanese language at Harvard University.