A Mobile Website Leads to Successful Social Media Promotions

A mobile website, much like its PC counterpart, should have sufficient information about your business like the products you sell, online...

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http://www.dreamstime.com/-image19202555More and more people prefer their mobile phones more than their personal computers. Since smartphones and tablets are easier on-the-go than a laptop computer, it is more likely that people would want to make business transactions using these devices. With that said, a mobile website for your business would allow you to reach out to people who are always looking up to the web in making purchases, reservations, availing services and such. Most importantly, it paves the way to the best social media promotions.

Utilizing a Mobile Website

What’s better than having a website for your business? Having a mobile platformed site for it. One would think that a plain website would do the trick but the truth of the matter is that nowadays, people who use their mobile gadgets outnumber those who use their PC’s 4 to 1. Nowadays, people are more likely to buy something from the net using their smartphones rather than via an actual PC.

Mobile websites, much like their PC counterparts, should have sufficient information about your business like the products you sell, online cart, payment options, modes of contact, etc. But it should be flexible enough that it may be accessed using mobile phones with no hassle at all. 98% of small business websites do not work on mobile phones because they do not fit properly; taking too long to load or it may be with great complexity in navigating. Having that edge among your competition increases your chances of profit because you are reaching potential customers that other small businesses can’t because they don’t have mobile websites like you do.

A good idea would be to keep your mobile site plain, simple and clean. Make the landing page as simple as possible. It is also good to use big visible buttons on your mobile site to keep things straight to the point. A user-friendly mobile site that’s easy to navigate would encourage the customer to use your site more, keeping them interested.

The Social Networks

What’s the other better thing than having a mobile website for your small business? It’s connecting your website to various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus through social media promotions. People frequently use sites like Facebook and Twitter to exchange different kinds of information with their friends as well as getting a reference for future transactions like purchasing some products or availing of different kinds of services. So having a website that these people can easily peruse when it’s being shared with them would do wonders for your business. As 80% of people who engage in social media are using Facebook, it is one of the best places to reach potential customers and real shoppers.

With a single click and share, a person could easily pass your business’s information to another person and that person can then share it with his other friends increasing traffic to your mobile website. And, the higher the number of people looking at your products, the bigger your chances are of gaining profit for your business.

Small businesses like handyman services, beauty salons and small restaurants do not need a very grandiose website so that they can increase potential customers. They just need to have a mobile web site that works, easy to use and is connected to various social media sites. When you have a site that has all of these characteristics, you open a new window of opportunity for your business to reach over 70,000 potential customers.

When people appreciate your business, they are very likely to post something about it or its link on their social media pages, spreading the news for you. They would even recommend friends and family members to try your services using the social media tools. What does this do to your business? More potential customers, more buyers and higher profitability. If you don’t want to be kept out of the loop, then you might consider doing the same thing for your business.

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