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“Ducking In” is a collection of posts from guest bloggers who “Duck In” to share their wisdom, perspective, and ideas. Topics include marketing, advertising, branding, social media, web design, or SEO.

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Online Research: What Happens After Your Survey is Completed?

Most of us already know the benefits of filling out online surveys; it’s one of the easiest and simplest forms of making money online, but what happens to the survey afterwards? If we can understand where it goes, how the data is used and what the process is then you’re more likely to continue taking… Read More

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E-Mail Newsletters That You Want to Get Read

Having a mailing list is a highly valuable asset and something that you can use to make a huge amount of money and to promote your business and your products to a large number of people. If you want to make money from an e-book for instance, or from a course that you are going… Read More

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How To Do Good With Marketing

People who work in marketing do not, fundamentally, have the most beloved of professions. From Bill Hicks’ legendary “If anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourselves” routine to your parents who have tell their neighbours that you’re in jail to avoid having to say what you actually do for a living, this is… Read More

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How To Build Better Beauty Salon Ads

Image by infomatique All beauty salons were created the same, no matter how different your business looks from others, who your customer base may be, or what type of salon you have. They all have the same business needs: every salon needs customers to drive sales and every owner needs marketing to help create those… Read More

Marketing Material For Your Business

You have just set up your own business, fulfilling the dream of running your own company.  You now need to market yourself, get your business out there and start making sales.  Here are a few tips about marketing material for your company. Business cards Having your own business cards with your contact details clearly on… Read More

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Five Ways to Think Yourself to Success

Despite the axiom “you are what you eat”, what really shapes us is how we think and this saying should be changed to “you are what you think.” Having a positive outlook will build positive perceptions, not only of ourselves and our lives, but on our actual success. Act Successfully.  This may be considered a… Read More

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Your Business Card is a Personal Investment

Digital advertising has become an important part of the business world. However, a good salesperson knows that a personalized touch is also quite important. This is where a good business card can really help a salesperson get ahead with clients. Developing a business relationship is not always about QR codes and social media engagement. How… Read More


How to Avoid Being the Next Kmart – A Real Life Marketing Lesson

News recently came out that Kmart isn’t doing so hot right now. However, don’t outsiders always have the best perspective on issues like this, especially when it comes to seeing the true marketing lesson? We don’t have a dog in the fight or any care or reason not to give our unqualified honest opinion about… Read More

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How Will The No Track Button Affect Your Marketing Strategy

New initiatives have been announced to protect the privacy of online consumers. A “Do Not Track” button will be placed into web browsers to allow consumers to opt out of having companies keep track of their online data. When an Internet user searches the web, information about them is collected and used to generate ads… Read More

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Five Similarities Between Retail And Online Stores Every Online Marketer Needs To Understand

In the modern information age, it seems as if anyone can start an online store. Everyone knows that if you want to sell cookies online, it doesn’t take very long to go from having no online presence to establishing a website fully capable of taking orders – heck, if it takes you longer than “overnight,”… Read More


Marketing Options For A Hair Salon

Are you the owner of a new hair salon? With a ton of competition, it might be difficult to really get your business going. Your best option is to invest some of your budget in advertising and promotions. This can be done in a number of ways. Many people think that advertising only means commercials… Read More


CreateSpace vs. Lightning Source for Self-Publishing

If you’re self-publishing your “dead tree” book, you know how costly it can be to print copies. When you print a number of copies in advance, you run the risk of no one actually buying them. Having a lot of books on hand with no buyers will cost you money. An alternative is to print… Read More

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Enhance Your Customer Experience

Thanks to the Internet, and in particular social media, the customer has more power than ever before. Happy customers will gladly act as evangelists for your product or service, and unhappy ones will make sure that everyone they know is aware of how you have let them down. This means that good customer service is… Read More

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How Social Search Will Revolutionize the Internet & Transform the SEO Industry

The swift and decisive move by search engines to enhance their search experience and tailor it even more towards individual needs should come as no surprise. This is, after all, the fast and furious world of the web and its ever increasing number of social-networking sites. Twitter and Facebook are fast growing and popular, with… Read More

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What Makes An Effective Blog Post?

The answer to that question may surprise you. If a blog post has been created based on a keyword or a key phrase then essentially you have an effective blog post. Wait a minute, what was that? Let me explain in greater detail. A blog post or article that has been written based on a… Read More

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Grow Your Blog: Farming for Increased Revenues

When business owners look at their internet presence, a better search engine result is what they’re working towards. Of course, there’s a goal beyond that – what a higher ranking should bring. Increased revenues. When you choose to grow your blog, you’re moving forward on the right path. Blogging can help you improve your findability… Read More


The Green Dragon of Twitter

For three years I carried a MacBook Air for business and travel.  I loved it, the only issue was that I needed to run Microsoft Office software for my work with several clients.  I was thrilled when I got the news a few years ago that I could run Office 2007 on a Mac with… Read More


Developing Transparency in a Digital Age

Even though we’re all adults here, let’s be honest; talking to strangers is sometimes awkward and uncomfortable. This is especially true when you have to contact a company that seems like a faceless organization out to get your hard-earned money. You can prevent this from happening to your company, though! When Dorothy and the rest… Read More


Top 10 Twitter Chats for Social Media

There are many reasons that Twitter chats are gaining popularity. They can be used quite successfully for branding yourself or business as well as promoting products. I have had many people asking for  a calendar of Twitter chats so, I am providing you with a list of the Top 10 Twitter Chats for Social Media that I… Read More

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Duck In And Be A Guest Blogger at the Pond

Next week you’ll begin to see something new from the ‘Paradux Pond’ as we roll out our guest blogger feature. Social Media is all about sharing, and while we at Paradux Media Group have been very good at sharing through Facebook and Twitter, one area that we’ve fallen a little flat has been inviting guest… Read More