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Paradux Teaches Social Media at the Oregon Non Profit Leader’s Conference

On April 23rd Paradux’s  Tisha Oehmen and Mike Frey led a break-out session at the Oregon Non Profit Leader’s Conference.  The subject was “Why Social Media for Non Profits” and “Social Media Platforms” It’s always difficult to try to put social media the why and how and break it into an hour, we can spend… Read More


Dixie Nunez Joins Paradux Media Group

We are excited to announce the hiring of Dixie Nunez as Project & Office Manager.  To say that Paradux is a high-speed, low-drag organization might actually be an understatement. Dixie’s prior experience in running a medical office enables her to have the skills necessary to help organize the controlled chaos that takes place most days at… Read More


Oregon Non Profit Leader’s Conference: Choosing Your Social Media Strategy

Mike Frey and Tisha Oehmen will be teaching a breakout session at the Oregon Non Profit Leader’s Conference in Medford, Oregon on April 23, 2012. Choosing Your Social Media Strategy Breakout Session “Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook … Making the decision whether – and how – to participate in social media is not trivial. In today’s world there… Read More

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Advertising Rush Limbaugh Red And Blue

The recent comments by Rush Limbaugh has some business owners and listeners asking themselves, is it worth it?  Should we have our business advertising in his program?  Several national companies have pulled their sponsorship’s of Limbaugh’s program including a couple mattress companies. It’s not the first nor will it be the last time that Rush… Read More

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Slate Magazine – Sleep Station Why are there so many mattress ads on the radio?

Sometimes the most interesting days come out of the blue… for instance, we got the following email this morning: Hello, As you’ve likely heard, seven companies have pulled their advertisements from the Rush Limbaugh after his controversial comments last week. Two of the seven companies were mattress retailers. Many of our readers have written in… Read More

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FREE Webinar on Changes to Facebook Timeline for Business Pages

Today, 2/29, Facebook announced some significant changes to their Business and Organization Pages, introducing the Facebook Timeline for Business Pages.  The changes are voluntary right now, but come March 31st the Facebook Timeline be mandatory and whether you’re ready or not it will become your home page.  So BE READY. We want to help you… Read More

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Google Plus And Small Business Owners

 Google Plus And SEO: Lately we have been getting more inquiries from our clients regarding Google Plus and whether or not they should take the time to open an account.  A lot of the inquiries are due to the ‘search’ benefits that come with Google Plus.   While I have been a wait and see person… Read More

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Social Media Fragmentation

The Enemy, Social Media Fragmentation Fragmentation, whether it’s traditional media fragmentation or social media fragmentation, it is marketing enemy #1 for the small business owner.  For the small business owner fragmentation means more for less.  More work , more money, and reach less people. I have addressed social media fragmentation a few times but with… Read More


Imagine A World Without Free Knowledge The 2012 BLACKOUT

“With its grace and carelessness it seemed to annihilate a whole culture, a whole system of thought, as though Big Brother and the Party and the Thought Police could all be swept into nothingness by a single splendid movement of the arm.” 1984 As you surf the web today you will see a ‘Blacklash’ as January… Read More


Real Estate Technology Forum

If you’re a realtor, join Ameri-title for three exciting breakout sessions on the most current trends in technology for real estate! Session I Go paperless with Cartavi & explore Google rankings with Victoria Stewart, RVAR/SOMLS. Session II Get the dish on the latest and greatest technology trends and learn ways to get control of your social media marketing with… Read More

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Paradux Media Group Business Cards

Taking your business to the next level is what Paradux Media Group specializes in doing. And toward the end of this year, we recognized that it was time to take our brand image to the next level as well. After all — every great once in a while, the cobbler’s children do actually get new… Read More

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The Year in Review

A BIG Thank You from all of us at Paradux Media for subscribing to our e-mails and for actually clicking on it… 🙂 2011 was a record breaking year for us on ‘The Pond.’ We doubled the size of our Paradux work family and increased the size of our client family. We’ve had clients that… Read More