Just Because it's a "Deal" You Shouldn't Always Buy

From time to time, we all get an amazing “deal” that comes across our desk from the media. And it’s tempting to throw $300-$500 dollars at something that we’re getting for 75% off or even 50% off. But in those moments, it’s critical that you remember what your strategy is, and why you pursue it…. Read More

Syncing up Your Messages

I’ve sat in a lot of rooms lately with small business owners and discussed the imperative nature of syncing all their outbound messages together. And while it sounds good, it’s very often not something happens with great regularity. But doing so will help you to maximize your brand message and get the highest levels of… Read More

Branding Can Be Easy

A lot of times, we get so hung up on how many different things there are to do with branding, how careful we have to be when presenting our message, and how closely we guard the messages that affect our brand. But at those moments when we’re working so very hard to maintain our brand… Read More

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Your Brand is Your Story

An easy way to think of your brand is to understand that it is the story of your business. It’s about the history of your business, it’s about you as a protagonist, it’s about the evils you battle in this world, and it’s about the gang of people you hang out with and why. How you… Read More

Branding Foundations

Every brand needs to be built on a strong foundation. While the materials the blocks are made of change from company to company, their purpose, form, and necessity do not vary. The first foundational block of your brand is the vision you hold for your company. Why does your company exist? Where are you going?… Read More

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Does Your Brand Inspire Passion?

We’re here in the middle of football season and we have the opportunity to observe the fans of a favorite team every week. It doesn’t really matter which team takes the field, you can count on one thing – there will be thousands of people waiting to lose their mind, abandon their restraint, and shout… Read More

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Your Customers Should be able to Count on You

I recently found a great little store that provided me amazing, thorough, and knowledgeable service. I was so excited about the service I received from this store I told a friend about it, and even offered to go with her to the store to help her. Unfortunately, when i go there with her, there was… Read More


Branding a Local vs National Company

I had the opportunity the other day to chat with a friend who is a brand marketer for a national brand. During the course of our conversation, I was struck (again) by the same-ness and at the same time, the different-ness that comes with branding a national vs. local brand. At its core, branding is… Read More

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Selling Your Brand Internally

One of the most important places to spend time and energy “selling” your brand is internally. There is no audience that is more important to have completely understand and believe your brand position. The reason should be obvious, of your staff doesn’t believe in your brand position, they cannot support it. Therefore, it is critical… Read More

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What’s Your Brand Story?

From start to finish, a well-executed brand is really just about telling a good story. Well-written stories are fairly predictable in their format, they have a beginning, middle, and end. The pieces of the story that are being told are consistent with, and advance, the storyline. They don’t pursue irrelevant tangents, and each paragraph and chapter… Read More

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Using Product Promotions to Extend Your Brand

Once you’ve established your brand position, and even created a branding commercial or two — it is inevitable that the next call you receive from your boss (or the CFO) is a plea/mandate to run a promotion to sell your product (yesterday)! In that moment the balance sheet requires moving a product for the financial… Read More