How Content Marketing has Impacted Digital Marketing (And What It Means for Your Business)

Digital marketers have adapted content marketing strategy of utilizing buyer personas to drive content planning and creation, and more.

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By now, we’re all pretty tired of the phrase “content is king,” no matter how true it may be. With content’s continued domination in digital marketing strategy (a Content Marketing Institute study found that 58% of businesses plan to increase their content marketing budget in 2014), businesses have realized that broad tactics such as press releases aren’t enough to garner attention. Now, digital marketing efforts are much more targeted to specific audiences and goals, meaning that digital marketers are thinking outside the box when it comes to developing and marketing content.

content is king
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Case in point: digital marketers have adapted content marketers’ strategy of utilizing buyer personas to drive content planning and creation, instead of creating the content first and then reaching out to audiences that it might, maybe appeal to. With the audience leading all digital marketing strategies, marketers are focusing on specifics such as which digital channels will best reach the marketing manager persona, or what questions a business owner would have about this particular product or service. Digital marketing strategies are more closely aligned with buyer personas to keep the marketing message targeted and on-brand- which in turn, helps increase your conversion rate.

Content marketers also strategize content by planning it for different stages along the buyer journey. For example, content marketers may offer a free e-book download in exchange for an email capture of a potential new customer, whereas an e-mail message encouraging the reader to call for a free consultation is better suited towards a lead who’s visited the site several times without completing a contact form. Digital marketers are also hopping on this trend, with 68% of marketers recognizing the importance of aligning content with the buyer’s journey.

And finally, content marketing has influenced how digital marketers connect with their audience. Instead of spending time and money adding to customer service departments, social media managers often take the role of quickly addressing customers’ concerns while also creating content that keeps social followers engaged. Instead of the sales calls of days of old, company blogs let potential leads research the company, their daily work, and extra resources about the company’s product or service- all without requiring even an email address! Content has given digital marketers a foundation upon which companies can engage with current and future customers while also building relationships of trust and authority.

So now, it’s time for your business to update its old marketing strategies to follow the customized methods used by content marketers. We live in a modern society where people are used to everything being personalized for their specific needs, and having those needs fulfilled at an instant- the same custom needs and desire for instant gratification are held by your target audience. Throw away the “one size fits all” digital marketing strategy once and for all, and start spending your time crafting your digital marketing strategies to specific personas, their goals, and their place in the buyer’s journey. You’ll be rewarded with higher engagement and eventually, a higher ROI.

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