Establish a Formidable Online Presence With the Right Custom Web DesignWith more and more Americans using the Internet to get the information they need, it is imperative that businesses establish formidable online presences so that they can better interact with prospective customers. In fact, roughly 82% of adults in the country use the web consistently. An even higher percentage, about 92%, rely on search engines. These statistics aren’t overly striking.

What is particularly shocking is that about a quarter of small businesses in the U.S. report that their websites are not listed in most search results. This is incredibly problematic, because a lack of traffic from search engines can result in fewer leads and sales, having the potential result of negatively affecting the growth of the company.

With this in mind, if you own a small business, you may want to hire custom web designers who specialize in creating sites that are optimal for SEO marketing campaigns. This means that the professionals must have sufficient experience custom web designing pages that are conducive for SEO copy, readily recognized by Google and other prominent search engines. Google stands out among the others due to the fact that it owns as much as 70% of the entire world’s search engine market.

Given that fact, it makes particular sense to incorporate custom web page design that utilizes an open-source content management system, or CMS. This way, you can easily update content with great frequency, posting new content with relevant keywords and crucial backlinks in order to boost your overall SEO ranking.

You also may want to hire a web design company that values quality marketing, particularly when advancing your company’s reputation among online users. For example, using SEO copy that focuses on the quality of your customer service in order to improve client reviews can be a great investment. In America, 70% of customers value online reviews as much as an in-person recommendation.

If you have questions about custom web designing in general, or you have specific recommendations regarding how to find the best custom web design company to fit the needs of your business, do not hesitate to share them in the forum below.

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