Extreme Makeover Home Edition Medford Civil War Challenge

Why is Extreme Makeover Home Edition a big deal to Medford? It is helping a family that has truly paid it forward to this community.

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Why is Extreme Makeover Home Edition a big deal to Medford? It is helping a family that has truly paid it forward to this community.  It is also that Extreme Makeover Home Edition is viewed by nearly 1 billion people in over 160 countries, and it is an opportunity for Medford to show the world how coming together can make a difference.  Southern Oregon is very proud of their community and it shows through the businesses and individuals who have donated their time, materials, and money to this build.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Medford, extreme makeover medford oregon
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The fundraising efforts for Extreme Makeover Home Edition Medford have now spilled over to Green v Orange.  It is time for some school pride with a ‘civil war’ challenge!  Ducks v Beavers, (the name of my company should tell should tell you what color my donation will go to.)

At this time, arrangements are trying to be made to have Extreme Makeover’s Ty Pennington announce or possibly wear an article from the fans who donate the most money, no promises, they’re just working on it.

Drop off spots for your contributions to Extreme Makeover Home Edition Medford ‘Civil War’ are at any Jackson and Josephine County  PremierWest Bank branches  or at Airport Chevrolet-Cadillac.  Just tell them which color you wish to support.  There will also be both green and orange receptacles at the Extreme Makeover Home Edition ‘Build’ site, if you’re going to go check out the build.  All proceeds go to the ‘Build Fund’, which is making all of this possible.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Medford Oregon, extreme makeover medford, Extreme Makeover Jackson County
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If you’re wanting to be a spectator the shuttle to the Extreme Makeover build site is located at the Medford Wal-Mart off of Hwy 62.  They will be leaving about every 30 minutes to and from the Extreme Makeover build.  Spectators are encouraged to bring cans of nonperishable food to the build to benefit the ACCESS Food Share Pantry Network.

Let all your fellow Duck and Beaver fans know.  No donation is too big or too small.  It’s about school and community pride let’s show the world how coming together can make a difference.  Go ducks 🙂



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