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Social Media update for The 200th episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition coming to the Medford Oregon area. The 'pep rally' for Extreme Makeover Medford...

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The number of social media players continue to grow with Extreme Makeover Home Edition Jackson County.  What started off as five businesses (PremierWest Bank, Airport ChevroletSouthern Oregon SubaruDollar Buick GMC, and Spring Air Heating and Cooling) contributing a $1 a Facebook ‘Like’ to the Extreme Makeover winning family has now grown to 10 in total with the additions of (InfoStructure, Batzer ConstructionBlack Rock Coffee Bar – Biddle Rd, Grants Pass Heating and Air Conditioning and Butler Automotive Group)

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The goal is to get 50 Medford businesses to participate in the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Jackson County Challenge and raise $50,000 through the Facebook ‘like’ campaign.  The original Medford businesses that stepped forward have added about 350 ‘likes’ over the past ten days.  So there is still some work to do to get them to 1,000 ‘likes’ and capture the full amount of money they are willing to donate to the cause.  The designated home page for the event Extreme Makeover Home Edition Jackson County currently has over 2,600 ‘likes,’ so now it’s time to see if they can convert more of those 2,500 ‘likes’ to other businesses pages and collection the full value of the donation available.

extreme makover pep rally, medford oregon, jackson county extreme makeover, extreme makeover home edition medford
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The Extreme Makeover Home Edition Pep Rally in Medford takes place September 1st at South Medford High School. The Doors will open at 5:00PM – Pep Rally 6:00-8:00PM 2,000 seats available on a first come / first serve basis. I would expect the Medford businesses participating in the Facebook ‘Like’ campaign to see heavy traffic after the pep rally along with another spike in ‘likes.’  A lot of money is going to need to be raised between now and the September 7th which is when we’ll all find out who the lucky family is.

A yet unraised question is which of the communities that makes up the Medford-area will be the one chosen for the build? If it’s any community but “Medford,” it is likely that the actual build location will play a significant factor in the businesses that will be involved. While we’re all one community – if a family from Eagle Point was selected, it is probable that Eagle Point businesses will rally around and participate to a larger degree than they otherwise would have. Similarly, I would anticipate a bump in volunteers from a particular community once the family is announced.

extreme makeover jackson county, extreme makeover medford, extreme makeover home edition, medford oregon, jackson county
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Rumors are flying, trying to pin down the actual family that will be chosen. Of course, everyone has a particular family or cause that they are pulling for, and a large campaign has been mounted to secure development of the Ethan Jostad Field #8 at the Upper Rogue Cal Ripkin complex. The good news for everyone’s special cause is that this is going to be the 200th episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, the season opener, and a two-hour special. Whoever is chosen, our community will be better for it, and we’ll learn who it is on September 7.

As an interesting sidenote: the Medford, Southern Oregon area has seen a lot of pay per ‘like’ campaigns recently. All of them have been very successful, but I’m beginning to wonder when, or if, we will see or feel a fatigue and resulting backlash on regarding the $1 a ‘like’ campaigns. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the quantity of pay-per-like campaigns and if you’re feeling fatigue for them, or if you’re still enthusiastically clicking that ‘like’ button.

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