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These 3 Facebook tweaks are expected to make the overall viewing experience of customers and Facebook users more interesting.

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As Facebook continues to play an important role in marketing for businesses, those that rely on it to reach their customers are finding more and more bits of information they need to be aware of in order to maximize its potential. For those whose job it is to figure out just how Facebook can be a great marketing tool, there are three changes coming that are expected to have a significant impact on business pages everywhere.

Facebook Tweaks: It’s All About Friends

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No, we’re not talking about Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and the rest of the gang getting together for a reunion show. Instead, the first of the Facebook tweaks involves users having the chance to see more posts in their News Feeds from friends they may not have been seeing much of lately. For the past several years, users have often complained about missing important updates from many of their friends. For business pages, this will allow them to market special deals or goods and services and know that many more potential customers will have a chance to see them.

Facebook Tweaks: Liking is Low on the Priority List

Not long ago, it was all about liking as many pages and comments as possible on Facebook. If you did this, chances were good they would appear high up on the News Feed of your friends. However, that may no longer be the case. If Facebook has its way, liking and commenting will no longer be given the value they once were. Instead, any likes or comments from friends will be considered low on the priority scale, meaning they may not even appear on your News Feed. Therefore, businesses that have relied on likes over the years will need to come up with other ways to keep these Facebook tweaks from impacting them negatively.

Facebook Tweaks: Never Ending Content

Despite the fact that there are well over one billion Facebook users some business pages actually run out of content due to Facebook previously having strict rules about seeing consecutive posts from the same source. However, those rules are about to be relaxed, allowing News Feeds to continue on rather than run out of content. This will be a great help to business pages, making sure those who visit their pages will not leave quickly due to a lack of content.

While these three Facebook tweaks may sound hard for some businesses to digest, it is expected to make the overall viewing experience of customers more interesting. Though businesses may have to work harder to make sure their message spreads to all their customers, customers who view the content will no doubt have a more interesting page in front of them.

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