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Google + DO We Need Another Platform?

The question of the day, will Google+ bring more people into social media or will it just split the pie with Facebook? Do we need another social media platform.

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Will Google + be the ‘real’ beginning of social media fragmentation.  Facebook and twitter the two main players in the social media field are different enough to appeal to different individuals.  I do not look at these two  outlets as competing against one another as much as offer completely different was to communicate and receive communication.  Most people spend a lot of time in twitter don’t spend that much time in Facebook, it’s just not in their DNA.

Fragmentation happens in every medium and at some point will take a foothold in social media, but at this point, it remains to be seen if people want to spend the time in two similar social media platforms.  Enter Google +, which seems to be similar to Facebook.



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I personally like Facebook,  I like the fact that a large number of people participate in it, via contributing or being a voyeur.

So the question of the day, will Google + bring more people into social media or will it just split the pie with Facebook?  Will people use both outlets?  I don’t feel that just because Google has joined the social  media platform that individuals who are not playing in social media are going to wake up and feel that they have to because of Google +.

At this point, I am having troubles playing or wanting to find the time to play in Google +.  On first glance I am not finding what it offers that is so different from Facebook.  Sure it has its circles, and there are subtle differences, but it certainly does not have the different feel from Facebook, that Facebook and Twitter have for one another.

A few of my friends seem to really enjoy Google +, not sure if it’s because they feel like an insider right now, that it’s the cool thing, or if they have really found something much better than Facebook.  They use their Facebook posts to recruit people to join their circle on Google + and announce that invites are open.  I am not one who is looking for an exclusive club, for me the more people playing the more fun the game is.

The biggest problem  I have with Google + at this point is they fail to recognize their own Gmail apps.  I like many, spend most of my on-line time logged into my work e-mail address.  I work off a chrome browser because it is just more efficient than explorer.  With Google + not recognizing the Gmail app, I have to open an explorer window and log in under my Gmail address that I never use.  This makes it inconvenient and one of the things that I enjoy about Facebook is its convenience.  The easy access on my computer or on my i-Phone.

At some point, I will spend some more time with it as it is part of  my job.  If you have spent time with Google + what are your thoughts?  What are the pluses and minuses that you see between Google + and Facebook?  Is Google just trying to take Facebook down a notch, or do they really think they came up with something revolutionary?


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  1. Carissa Dunphy says

    Good points. I too love Facebook for it’s large number of and well rounded users. It seems as though Google+ has much more interaction with acquaintances, where Facebook has fewer. I am very curious to follow G+ to see how they evolve and if they will have business pages/fan pages.

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