Social media marketing is coming up short, based on new studies on consumer decision-making patterns. People are less influenced by social media advertising than TV or print ads and new techniques for displaying information on social media is making it harder for businesses to reach fans. Viewership numbers are becoming less important than driving the behavior of the audience. This is where live streaming can help.

It Strengthens Brand Attachment

Customers use the Internet to fulfill emotional, cognitive and social needs in a way that simulates face-to-face communication. Live streaming mimics the interactions of a person talking directly to you. This conversational style of social media creates a bond between the customer and the brand. Simply use a smartphone with good camera resolution, like the Galaxy S7, and stream your thoughts from wherever you may be.

It Approaches Premium Entertainment

In 1971, Coca-Cola released the “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” ad campaign, which resonated so well with the listeners that the song made it to the top 10 charts on radio stations. The ad sat soundly on the border of marketing and premium entertainment. People were actually willing to purchase the single. Live streaming does much of the same thing. Smart content that is well produced will bring viewers on its entertainment level but maintain its marketing message.

It’s Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Why Live Streaming Is Important to Your Businesses Social StrategyInternet marketing is generally word-of-mouth (WoM) marketing multiplied by the power of the World Wide Web. As an alternative marketing style, Internet marketing is powerful, incorporating social media, video and guerilla advertising. The problem is that it is easy to lose control of the message since it is often other people delivering it for you. Live streaming focuses the message by giving viewers words directly from the horse’s mouth. When these video messages resonant with the consumers, they can easily share it as opposed to writing their own interpretation of your message.

It Bypasses Geofences

It can be difficult for urban-oriented advertising to make the jump to rural areas. The converse is true since local newspapers do not have the same loyalty in urban areas as they do in rural communities. Internet advertising has many of the same cultural issues, making it hard to segment a market effectively. Live streaming is a way to circumvent these barriers. As a form of entertainment, viewers will devote an amount of time to find your stream. This is what is being discovered in the sports entertainment industry. Fans are breaking away from traditional cable television watching and local stadium attendance by seeking out live stream broadcasters throughout the world. Use live streaming to break into markets that would otherwise be geographically off limits to you.

Live Streaming Is Easy

As a marketing tool, live streaming is simple. There are already networks designed for the purpose. Periscope is one example. The platform was originally conceived as a news delivery method, asking the question “What if you could see through the eyes of a…” and then you can fill in the blank. Protesters, thrill seekers, and explorers could share their experiences to the world. The platform works on Android and iOS operating systems as well as Apple TV. Live stream on Facebook is offering a similar service over its extensive social media network. Both of these platforms are free and come with a built-in audience.

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