Trends that Will Shake Up Marketing for 2016

It is that time of the year when every marketer and brands are preoccupied with what the trends are in marketing for 2016.

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It is that time of the year when every marketer and brands are preoccupied with what the trends are in marketing for 2016. This is understandable since the online marketing industry is complex and volatile, but it can also become friendly and exciting if you stick to the correct new trends. From the look of things, 2016 seems to be a very engaging and exciting year for online marketing since it will be a post digital era. As a result, you cannot afford to miss some of the amazing trends that will be helpful in shaking up the game in the post digital era.

Video ads will dominate marketing for 2016

Though videos have existed and are doing great on YouTube, the introduction of advertiser video option platforms such as Facebook and Bing have already changed the game. And to make things more interesting Google is also coming aboard with the in-SERP video advertising, which is a clear indication of how video ads are being accepted in the market. It is evident that the trend will continue in 2016. That should not be a reason to panic, if you are a company that does its homework well, you should expect to see more video ads in the most unlikely places and take advantage of the opportunity.

Enter Relationship marketing

The last year has seen an increase in the use of mobile gadgets all over the world. It is estimated that by the year 2016 there will be 2 billion consumers worldwide, owning smartphones, which again is a good thing for marketers. This brings the need for brands to be connected with would be and existing customers more than ever. In other words, it will have opened a window of relationship marketing. What many brands will want to achieve with relationship marketing is building stronger loyalty and long-term customer engagement, which will be more result oriented when compared to the traditional short-term customer acquisition and individual sales.

Ephemeral marketing for 2016

Trends that Will Shake Up Marketing for 2016The best way to communicate to the current generation of consumers is to keep it short and to the point. As the world continues to grow and people are becoming busier day by day, it is evident that they have less time thus the need for exclusive content. It’s a smile that makes consumer connected and at the same time feel unique. Most brands that are working towards this end have started using platforms like Snapchat pushing their message to different consumers of media.

Search past Search Engines

It is foreseeable that search capabilities will go beyond the traditional players like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Social media are improving search capabilities with Facebook trying its own search engine. This is a clear indication that buy buttons and payment messaging will appear in social making things more interesting to brands. This is because brands will benefit in terms of returns as a result of buy-and-share social media search. Therefore, consumers will be able to purchase products online and at the same time share with their friends about what they have bought. It is an all in one platform that will make the make the buying practice easier, but then again make it an experience.


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