Is Your Marketing Strategy Skating on Thin Ice?

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Or are there just to many cracks in the ice to avoid?

I myself am of an entrepreneurial mind, and I love the creativity, the passion and the drive that most entrepreneurs exhibit, so it isn’t too surprising that I find myself surrounded by them. I have a lot of friends who are business owners and I like talking with them about their triumphs and their troubles and offering solace, support and advice where I can. One of the things that I hear the most often is that there is just so much to do. When you own a business you own every part of it, from the ground up! You are not only in charge of what ever product or service that you offer, but also, quality control, customer service, invoicing, bookkeeping, marketing, advertising, and the list goes on and on!

say-whatSo with so many responsibilities, how do you keep up with it all? Well the truth, my friends, is that some times you are going to need a little help! I know, its not what you want to hear. Just ask your self why did you start your own business? The “why”, is where it all began,  so make sure you do not forget the answer to that very important question 🙂

Take a look these lists, is the reason that you started on here?

Top 10 reasons people start their own business…

  1. Personal Freedom/Be your own boss.
  2. Passion to do something that you love.
  3. Freedom to make your own schedule.
  4. You get to choose who you work with.
  5. You take the risks and you reap the rewards.
  6. Be able to help out your community.
  7. Create jobs in your community.
  8. Work from anywhere.
  9. Be in a position to inspire others.
  10. Freedom to be creative.
A few things you probably won’t find in the list…

  1. Learning how to code a website.
  2. Deciding on T.V. or radio ads.
  3. Having to field multiple phone calls daily from new “advertising opportunities” that are “guaranteed” to increase your business.
  4. Facebooking, tweeting, tagging & instagramming.
  5. Posting, hash-tagging, pinning, commenting and sharing.
  6. Liking, Friending, responding, and trending.
  7. Spending all day Saturday fighting Mal-ware on your website.

If not leave me a comment about why you started your business, or maybe an addition to the other list 🙂

Things to look for that might let you know your marketing strategy is skating on thin ice:
  • You don’t know what a marketing strategy is (well obviously).
  • You don’t start thinking about marketing or advertising your business until you start to run short on new leads.
  • You don’t know if its working or not.
  • You don’t have an advertising or marketing budget.

ducks-in-a-row-graph-w-dixieIf you answered yes to any or all of these, well then my friend you may need a little help getting your ducks in a row! You can check out the slide show below to learn a little more about the Get your Ducks in a Row Marketing Strategy and if you have any questions, lets talk!

P.S. There is a fun bonus story in the slide show about a viking rescuing a duck, quack quack!

Small Business in a Big Pond

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Dixie Nuñez

Online Marketing Ambassador

Smart, confident and a little sass can do wonders in the Advertising World and that is what Melinda ‘Dixie’ Nuñez brings to Paradux Media Group. As Online Marketing Ambassador Dixie works with our clients to help bridge the gap between their business and its online presence. Designing websites, managing social media and web support are just a few of the ways that she does this.

Great people skills and a WordPress dynamo, Dixie designs, and maintains our WordPress websites. She also teaches our clients how to use them so that they can manage their online content.Dixie’s past experience of administration in the medical field gives her the ability to communicate technical and complicated information in an easy to understand way.

When Dixie is not working in the Pond she spends her time finding many outlets for her creativity. She enjoys sculpting, crocheting, beading, writing, potion making, and many other crafty type things.

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