internet marketing firmsOkCupid, a popular free dating website, runs a blog about the statistics they encounter while analyzing their user information. In one interesting study, they found that smiling is the best way for women to receive messages online from potential suitors, but men, on the other hand, actually get more messages when they frown.

So: how does this relate, exactly, to the best internet marketing strategies? Well, think about it. In many ways, you are courting your clients. You are trying to connect with them — as many of them as possible — without coming off as cheesy, or over-eager, or “not their type.” Online marketing is the digital, corporate version of dating. So how, exactly, can you prevent yourself from being that guy who hasn’t gone on a date in five years? Here are three tips for having a successful online marketing romance.

1. Come to the Date Wearing Your Best, Appropriate Outfit

If you’re going on a first date with someone, is it a good idea to come dressed up in your mom’s high-waisted pants from the 90s? Probably not. Likewise, if your website design is dated, potential customers will be turned off. Great custom web designing for your website is not only going to keep people at ease, but it’s going to keep the door open for them to explore your products and services. Studies have shown that consumers make judgments about websites incredibly quickly — often navigating away after only seconds. First impressions are everything, which is why you should hire custom web designers to get the job done, and leave the teased hair and Geocities site layout at home.

2. Seal Each Date With a Kiss

Did you know that email pays back $40 for every $1 spent on it? If you’re still using a Yahoo or AOL email address, you are missing out on two levels. First, you’re making yourself look unprofessional by not having a unique business address. Second, you’re probably not using email marketing tools that could take your messages to the next level. Talk to internet marketing firms about changes you could make. Email might seem like it has the potential to be annoying, but it’s actually one of the cheapest and most effective ways to stay in touch with loyal customers, and offer them special incentives, sales, discounts or other promotions.

3. Don’t Make Them Wait by the Phone

When people are shifting their approach to online terrain, they sometimes don’t realize how customers come to websites with different expectations than they might approach storefronts. If you are a home painter and you charge $15 an hour for a minimum of three hours, don’t hide this from your customer. They’re not going to wait for you to send the information via email, or call you on the phone — they’re going to go with your competitor that was more upfront about the vital information they were searching for. Internet marketing firms can help you figure out what should and shouldn’t be listed on your site, and in ads.

Are you going to contact internet marketing firms for help in getting your marketing romance off the ground? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Oona Houlihan on June 27, 2014 at 7:06 am

    That was a funny idea – likening online blogging or advertising with dating. As for frowning or smiling: I think we may have a little more leeway in Internet writing than dating alone: the undertaker is meant to write differently than e.g. a pop fan e-zine, and different again from the approach you choose when writing about hospices or terminal cancer vs. wedding or birth presents etc.

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