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It’s very difficult to step back from your business and write a radio spot or create a television commercial; it’s why advertising agencies can be very important to your business.  We found ourselves in that very conundrum this past week.  It may be why you don’t see or hear advertising agencies on the air-waves.

Promoting businesses with good branding campaigns is what we do, so why don’t we do it for ourselves in the traditional media realm.  No different than we would with any client we established the expectations, demo and the budget.  Radio was the best fit for what we are trying to accomplish and all the decisions to this point where very easy and mutual.  We were able to look at ourselves no differently than like any other business.

Then the creative, we do this all the time, no problem right? Wrong.  We’ve always known our services were important but it really hit home when trying to write a radio commercial about us.  They say that he who defends himself in a trial has a fool for a client; it can also be said for he who tries to do his own creative.

Put simply, it was a process, but we did get through it.  Like we would for any client hitting traditional media for the first time, being simple and telling a story is the important first step.  You can get into more details and finer story telling as time progresses.  We’re happy with the final product as creators of the spot and as clients.  Take a listen and let us know what you think.

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