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Content Creators Shouldn’t Fear Google Penguin

Mention the words, Google Penguin, in a room full of online entrepreneurs and it’s likely you’ll see expressions of sheer horror pass across at least half the faces. Those will be the individuals who found themselves heavily penalized when Google first introduced the new program. Many have yet to restore their websites to the ratings… Read More

Establish a Formidable Online Presence With the Right Custom Web Design

Establish a Formidable Online Presence With the Right Custom Web Design

With more and more Americans using the Internet to get the information they need, it is imperative that businesses establish formidable online presences so that they can better interact with prospective customers. In fact, roughly 82% of adults in the country use the web consistently. An even higher percentage, about 92%, rely on search engines…. Read More

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How to Manage Social Media Accounts with a Multilingual Audience

Doing social media right is a challenge as it is: understanding your audience, speaking to your audience in an authentic and compelling way within the restrictions of a 140 characters or battling EdgeRank, and a host of other considerations that take time and effort to get right. Now, imagine that while some of your audience… Read More

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Is it Time to Hire an Outsider Internet Marketing Firm?

Did you know that, according to Google, at least 88% of people searching for local businesses on their smartphones call, or stop in, less than a day later? The importance of internet marketing can no longer be ignored. Whether on desktop PCs, laptops, or mobile devices, it is clear. A staggering number of people seek… Read More

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Staying Up-To-Date With SEO Evolution

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an intrinsic piece in gaining more web-procured business. By staying up-to-date with the changes in SEO, you can keep you site visible in users’ Google, Facebook or LinkedIn searches, and avoid any negative effects of SEO by ditching the outdated technology and practices that have been deemed problematic by… Read More

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Rogue Valley Business Resource Fair 2013 – Maximizing Social Media

Mike Frey and Tisha Oehmen from Paradux Media Group are pleased to be teaching a class again this year at the Rogue Valley Business Resource Fair. The class will take place at 11am on Saturday, October 26, 2013. Is Social Media marketing still a mystery to you? Is it right for your business? How can… Read More


What Not to Do With Your Google+ Profile

People have been flocking to Google+, which is quickly becoming a favorite social media platform. Google+ is an incredible way of meeting new people, connecting with prospective customers, and building more ties with your consumers. Many businesses don’t quite get it yet being a huge site with regular updates and all, but Google+ is a… Read More


Need SEO, Web Design, and Advertising From One Company? No Problem

When your business starts to have a presence online with a website, social media, or blog, there are a lot of moving targets and important pieces to the puzzle. How easy is it for your potential customers to find you? Is your site optimized? Is your logo appropriate, and does your website need a makeover?… Read More


Content Strategy & The Case to Focus on Your Business Blog

The modern business owner has plenty on his plate, but it might be time to add one more dish. Business blogs are the latest marketing trend gracing websites and social media platforms. These resource-rich information centers give consumers added value and help businesses establish their brands. A report for the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth… Read More

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WordPress Tutorial: How to Use the WordPress SEO by Yoast Box [VIDEO]

Once you’ve got your website, getting it to the first page on Google is the primary goal for many website owners. Getting your website to show up when and where you want it is defined as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. And while there is considerable science (and work) behind getting a site to rank… Read More

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs To Be Using Google+ For Content Marketing

Whether you work in SEO, Social or Online Marketing in general, it’s highly likely that you’ll have come across the phrase ‘content marketing’ at least once or twice in the last year. Thanks to Google’s latest algorithm updates, creating great, high quality, shareable content is now more important and essential than ever before for any… Read More

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How to Accept Guest Posts for SEO Without Losing Your Vision

The vision that you have for your company, including your website and your blog, will change over time as things develop (both internally as well as in the industry). However, it’s important that you are the one growing and modifying your business in a way that you see fit. Allowing writers to guest post on… Read More

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Beyond the Pond Blog Named to 25 Excellent Blogs on Local Search & SEO

Congratulations to Co-Owner Mike Frey! His blog, Beyond the Pond, was just named as one of 25 Excellent Blogs on Local Search and SEO at Upcity Tips. Organic search is no longer just the domain of eCommerce and national businesses. Local search is a viable and necessary tool in any local business owner’s visibility toolkit. With the… Read More

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Best On-Page SEO Advice for Beginners

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of adding targeted keywords to web text to ensure it receives a high search ranking via search engines such as Google. Indeed, SEO has been around about as long as search engines have been around. Those online marketers who don’t yet have a stake in SEO are losing… Read More

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How a Creative Ad Agency Can Save You Time and Money

I don’t think that there is anyone in business today that isn’t interested in saving both time and money. Yet many small business and mid-sized businesses miss one of the single best methods for saving time and money when they fail to work with a creative ad agency. There are lots of reasons that go into… Read More

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The Social Traveler – The Importance of Online Reviews For Small Business

Summer is right around the corner, what that means for a lot of cities, towns and communities is tourists coming through town. Some will stop for a meal, some for window shopping, some for a day, week or longer. That makes now a great time to work on your online reviews and website presence.  This past… Read More

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Marketing Budget Template

It is imperative that a business proactively set a marketing budget for their business. The reason is simple, if you don’t set a budget and make a plan, you will instead make a series of small, and at the time, inconsequential  choices to promote your business that are both costly and ineffective. At the end of… Read More

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Vital Communication Tools for Small Businesses

There are over 27 million Small businesses in the United States, and these organizations account for between 60% and 80% of all new jobs created in the country. So they old saying that “small businesses are the backbone of the U.S.” actually has some weight behind it. And these days, technological advances in communication make… Read More