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Mike Frey, President of the Eagle Point & Upper Rogue Chamber of Commerce

Our very own co-founder Mike Frey assumed the 2013 Presidency today of the Eagle Point & the Upper Rogue Chamber of Commerce. During the next year, Mike will be focusing on growing the chamber, focusing the community on the local businesses that make up the infrastructure of the Upper Rogue community, and encouraging everyone to… Read More


SEO and Your Marketing Budget

SEO Where Does It Fit In My Marketing Plan? You’re a small business owner; you have a marketing budget but still most of your advertising endeavors are bills rather than part of a budget.  You dabble in some print advertising, and maybe you do a little radio, so how does SEO fit in? Good question…Being… Read More


Why Choose Us as Your Digital Marketing Company

Paradux Media Group is a Digital Marketing Company. Digital marketing is playing an increasingly significant roll in today’s world for any company in their marketing strategy. So much so, that many of the companies we talk with have decided to skip television, newspaper, radio ads, and direct mail for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a custom web… Read More

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New SEO Team at Paradux Media Group

We’re so excited to have brought on a new SEO Team here at Paradux Media Group! We are now offering SEO Packages for LOCAL businesses, organic search, corporate sites, as well as eCommerce sites. If you’re not happy with the website traffic you’re getting on your website, our new organic SEO team can help. Take a… Read More

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Local Search: SEO Google Local Business Search

The Importance of Local Search For Local Business A new study from Chitika shows that 43% of total Google search queries (both mobile and PC) are targeted to a local search.  The study also shows 25% of Yahoo and Bing searches are local search. Two years ago, Google reported that 20% of all Google searches (on… Read More

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Free Organic SEO Analysis Report

Organic SEO is what happens when someone puts a search term in a search engine and your website is naturally returned in the list of websites — ideally on the the first or second page. It today’s world, Organic SEO is the holy grail for businesses and websites alike. How much Organic SEO does your… Read More


Do You Need Competitive eCommerce SEO?

When you are competing with thousands of other business for the same ideal customer, you need all the help you can get.  The use of onsite eCommerce SEO techniques can improve your chances of getting your business to a wider audience base.  Search Engine Marketing is the key to connecting to more people who can turn… Read More


Local Search Marketing Services for Your Local Business

The internet is your business’ first impression. Take control of your online exposure with local search marketing when you own the directory listings. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way we position your website to rank highly in search results – for your local community. This is about making sure your site gets found by people… Read More


Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Using search engine marketing to make it to the top of the organic search engine result pages does not happen overnight.  It is easy to give in to the temptation of organic SEO service providers that offer a shortcut to the top.  Unfortunately, doing so can be a big mistake.  Not only are you risking the… Read More

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How to Get 1,000 Views Every Day – Increase Your Traffic Now!

As we know, there are three ways to access a website: directly enter the address (URL) in a browser, use a search engine or surf from link to link. To increase traffic to your website, you need to facilitate better either (or all) of these approaches. Concretely, you must communicate as widely as possible the… Read More

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The Power of Local: SEO for Small Business

If you are running a small business and you have an online presence, chances are that you have at least heard about things like local SEO and local search directories. If this didn’t sound too familiar for you, I will clear things out. First of all, local SEO refers to the onsite and offsite actions… Read More

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Simple Google AdWords Tips For Small Local Business

Like most local business marketing, the results must remain a mystery…. Most of us are aware of the famous quote by John Wanamaker, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”  It’s easy for you to feel that way about your marketing, but you can stack the… Read More

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How to Choose the Best Keywords for SEO

Everyone is using search engines to help them locate the right information. The fact that people are using search makes it critical that you implement search engine optimization (SEO) tactics into your website. One of the easiest ways to implement SEO into your website is to use keywords throughout your website content. Keywords refer to… Read More

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Save money with Do-It-Yourself online Public Relations

In the current challenging economic climate, the cost of hiring an external Public Relations agency can be just too much for many small businesses to afford. But without effective and smart PR, how is any business to survive and come through these difficult times? The answer might be DIY online PR. With a little insider… Read More

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Local Search Google Places Now Google Plus

Google Places is Now Google Plus: If you haven’t noticed Google has now moved Google Places pages to Google Plus Local pages.  What does it mean to the local small business owner?  At this time not much.  Although, aesthetically the landing page is much nicer, and if you’ve added pictures you can create a much more… Read More

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Press Releases: Are They Worth the Effort?

Press releases aren’t a link building strategy that will work for any business, and they sure aren’t supposed to be “released” and published every week and on every piece of content you create. It’s even questionable how much of a link building strategy they really are, being used and misused many times, with people basing… Read More


Facebooks New Schedule Posts

Scheduled Facebook Posts: For admins of business pages this was something that was long overdue.  There have always been a lot of 3rd party apps that have given you the ability to schedule and deliver posts, but it always came with the little icon that was telling everyone that it was delivered by a 3rd party… Read More


Google AdWords For The Small Business Owner

How To Engineer A Google AdWords Campaign: Every marketing campaign has different goals and objectives, or at least they should.  Google AdWords can be an effective marketing tool if used correctly.  Running a campaign on Google AdWords isn’t much different than a print campaign.  Typically there are one of two objectives in a print campaign,… Read More


Local Search SEO and Siri

The Importance of Local Search: While most in the tech industry have been watching the battle go on between Google and Facebook, Google launching Plus and Facebook talking about beginning a search engine of their own, under the radar comes Siri with possibly a huge advantage with local search.  Can Siri and Yelp change the scope… Read More

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SEO: Small Businesses Medford Oregon

Why Local SEO For Medford Oregon Business Owners: So why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so important to a Medford Oregon business?  Well it begins with over 40% of consumers won’t shop at a business or brand if they can’t research you or find your business on-line.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows not only… Read More