Garrett Wechsler, Checker Cab of Southern Oregon

Checkered Cab of Southern Oregon
I recently hired Paradux Media Group to build a new web site for my business, as well as host and guide me on my quest for search engine optimization. My web site was built and up and running in less than a week. A fantastic job in it’s raw form might I add, only requiring minor adjustments, and only to fit my preferences.

Since starting my relationship with Paradux I have experienced a level of professionalism that I have rarely found in any business. They offer a team of specialists who assist you in every aspect of your web related campaign, including continued personal assistance and guidance with regular site adjustments. Dixie with

Paradux has shown me, yes, shown me (via video chat on my computer), how to manipulate my website comfortably whenever I feel it necessary. I love the ability to have my hands directly involved in managing my web site. While this option is great, it by no means is an indication that they wont do this work for me, quite the contrary. Every time I have called, there is someone to help me with this, and usually immediately, while on the phone. I am truly grateful to have found Paradux Media Group, and look forward to a long professional relationship with them.