Jenn Warhurst, Ephemera Magnets

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Before Paradux Media, we relied on dumb luck and wishes to get our name to the people of the world. We found the computer and the people living within it frightening and confusing. One day, a strange homeless man informed us that the people inhabiting the computer had money. Lots of it, and that there was a way to get these people to give us their money in exchange for our goods and services (this homeless man was quite savvy, he also informed us of the “visitors” trying to take over our brains with A1 Sauce). We sought out Paradux Media shortly after. By magic, (or Paradux’s hard work, not sure which) my Facebook and Twitter filled with people. I am told this is important but I mostly just use this as an opportunity to berate people with bad grammar or differentiating political views from mine. Thanks Paradux, for helping Ephemera break into the internet and piss people off on a much grander scale than we could have ever accomplished on our own. In fact, with our newfound understanding of the Internet, we are thinking of changing our slogan to “Ephemera, LOL Troll!”