I always enjoy reading the “top posts” posts on other blogs, so I thought it might be interesting (and timely) to take a quick look at the top 10 most viewed posts on the Finding Brand Blog for 2011. So, without further ado — here they are.

  1. Does Your Brand Have a Brand Book?
  2. Articulate the Brand Personality
  3. What’s the Difference? Brand Book, Brand Guidelines, Brand Bible, and Identity Guidelines
  4. Start at the Beginning of the Brand Book
  5. 5 Businesses that Should NOT be on Social Media
  6. Examining Your Marketing Environment
  7. Keywords for Your Brand Position
  8. The Heavens Parted and Delivered the Brand Book
  9. Venn Diagram for the Brand Book
  10. How the Marketing Landscape has Changed for 2011

Interestingly, 7 of the top 10 posts were part of the Brand Book Tutorial Series. In August, I began noticing that the “Does Your Brand Have a Brand Book?” post had significantly more hits to it than any other post on the blog. Since it appeared that there was interest in the topic, I began writing the Brand Book Tutorial, and made sure that all the posts in the Brand Book Tutorial all referenced each other for easy navigation. (If you run your own WordPress blog, be sure to check out the outstanding plugin “Organize Series” to facilitate this process.) 

Based on the top 10 posts listed above, it appears there is and was hunger for the Brand Book Tutorial Series. It also appears that there is some interest in the marketing environment, and deciding how to use social media productively for business. I think it’s a safe bet you’ll be seeing some of those topics addressed as we move into the new year. If you’d be interested in a particular topic, please take a moment and leave a comment below — I’ll make sure to write about about it.

Thank you all for your support and interest in 2011 — and here’s to an outstanding, productive, fruitful, and prosperous

Happy New Year!

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