Ok I know what you are thinking, “How can I possibly be blogging every week?”

to blog or not to blogOften when I talk to business owners about their blogs they know that they should be blogging, but the other tasks on their ever growing to do list seem more urgent so they get priority. I wanted to share with you the three main reasons that you should be blogging every week to give you a little motivation!

Number one, The Robots are Watching!!

When you first get started writing your blog, you may feel a little discouraged because you know that the only one seeing your blogs is your mom. However in reality that is not true, search engine robots will crawl your site about every 21 days. Now while these robots might not be impressed with your clever and witty writing style, they will pay attention to how much and often you post, and they will also notice the things that you talk about the most. The more new content that you have on your website since the last time they were there, will have a direct effect on how they direct traffic to your website. So when you are blogging every week, they will notice and it will make a difference in your search ranking.

Top of Mind

Now in the beginning you may not be getting a lot of readers on your blog, but if you are consistent and you are offering relevent content your readership will grow. When you are blogging every week you are updating your clients and customers, who are invested in your success. It is also a great way to let them know of any specials or new services that you are able to offer. By doing this you are staying in their top of mind and even holding that coveted place in their consideration set. To learn more about what a consideration set is check out Tisha’s blog post Branding To Be Top of Mind about how powerful that rank can be for your business.

Habits can be hard to kick…

Now the final reason that you should be blogging every week is that once you get into the habit it becomes a part of your routine. Ok, just hear me out on this one, my science is a little wobbly but I am gonna go with it. They say that it takes about 66 days to form a new habit, I am assuming that this is for an action that you are trying to do daily, so if you are going for a once a week routine well, then it might take a little longer. I am going to go ahead and round up. So here is the a challenge! I want you to write 1 blog post every week for the next 10 weeks. When you have published your master piece, put a link to it in the comments below, I will read it and I’ll even keep you accountable if you like 🙂

At the end of this challenge I would love to hear if you feel that you have successfully formed a new habit of blogging every week, and any other insights that you may have come across.


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About the Author:

Dixie Nuñez

Online Marketing Ambassador

Smart, confident and a little sass can do wonders in the Advertising World and that is what Melinda ‘Dixie’ Nuñez brings to Paradux Media Group. As Online Marketing Ambassador Dixie works with our clients to help bridge the gap between their business and its online presence. Designing websites, managing social media and web support are just a few of the ways that she does this.

Great people skills and a WordPress dynamo, Dixie designs, and maintains our WordPress websites. She also teaches our clients how to use them so that they can manage their online content.Dixie’s past experience of administration in the medical field gives her the ability to communicate technical and complicated information in an easy to understand way.

When Dixie is not working in the Pond she spends her time finding many outlets for her creativity. She enjoys sculpting, crocheting, beading, writing, potion making, and many other crafty type things.

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  1. Jeff Behrends on March 24, 2015 at 9:05 am

    To develop a new practice, I usually use the Eleven Repetition rule of thumb. Basically, if you do a complex behavior 11 times, it will start to become habit. During this period it will require an effort of will to get started. From then on the will to do the behavior is there, and you just need to let yourself do it for it to become regular practice. So this fits in very nicely with your idea of doing it for 10 weeks! Good job on this blog!

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