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Examining Your Marketing Environment

As you begin to put together your new strategic marketing plan, you should be sure to take into account the internal and external factors playing in your marketing environment that will be affecting you in the upcoming year. In my previous post, How Effective is Your Marketing Plan? I asked you the following you the following… Read More


Struggling to Convert Facebook Likes to Sales Leads?

Let’s face it; social media can be overwhelming. Something that takes your teenager one minute to do takes you hours to figure out. And when you add in the complexity of doing social media for your business, sometimes it’s just too much. Don’t Worry – Hire a Social Media Manager We understand your frustrations. But… Read More


Make a Date to Review Your Plan

For the last several posts, I’ve been expanding on each of the questions I posed in my post “How Effective is Your Marketing Plan?” Did you follow through on the strategies you laid out in your plan to reach your target demographic? (Did you do what you said you were going to do to try to… Read More


Choosing Products for Your Target Audience

Last week, I asked you, “How Effective is Your Marketing Plan?” The second question on the Effectiveness Quiz was: Did your plan address which products fill a need for your target demographic and why? (Choosing to target someone is all well and good, but if you can’t identify what product would fill a need in their… Read More


You Need a Target Audience

A couple of days ago, I asked you, “How Effective is Your Marketing Plan?” The first question on the Effectiveness Quiz was: Did your plan clearly articulate your target audience, including demographic information?(The correct answer would be something on the order of 20-34 yrs old, middle income, attending “X” school and living in “Y” neighborhood…. Read More


How Effective is Your Marketing Plan?

It’s officially fall, and that means many marketers are in the middle of another year of planning. Unless of course, you’re ahead of the game – in which case, congratulations!!! But since that’s probably not the case, as you begin to work through the process of another year’s planning, it is useful to consider how… Read More


So What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

So what’s your social media strategy?  I’m sure that when it comes to most marketing endeavors that you attach some strategy to it. Have you done that for social media?  No I’m not talking about an ROI, I’m talking strategy. What is the base for your social media, Facebook?  Twitter?  Is location based social media… Read More


Branding a Local vs National Company

I had the opportunity the other day to chat with a friend who is a brand marketer for a national brand. During the course of our conversation, I was struck (again) by the same-ness and at the same time, the different-ness that comes with branding a national vs. local brand. At its core, branding is… Read More


Are You a Pioneer or a Settler?

There are all sorts of numbers being thrown out there as far as how many companies have implemented social media plans and strategies.  Most numbers are probably a little inflated.  It’s really going to come down to region and category.  There are obviously some catagories that are more suited to social media right now, similar… Read More


Where is Your Audience?

So as a small business owner where is your audience today?  There was a time years ago when you could buy a ad in the Saturday local paper and get a decent ROI.  If you weren’t a fan of print, and were looking to build some Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) you could reach out… Read More