Virtual Spring Cleaning

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3 things you can do to dust of your website.

Now, I know that Punxsutawney Phil has doomed us to another 6 weeks of winter, but I am looking out the window right know and I see blue skies and sunshine. I am feeling spring in the air folks and you know what virtual spring cleaningthat means!! Spring cleaning! I have already started at home, getting rid of the cobwebs, going through my mountains of crafting supplies and organizing them. I don’t know about you guys but to me, hibernating means crafting so I spend most of the winter months avoiding the cold weather snugged up with my latest DIY or craft project.

After I have conquered mountains of yarn and vacuumed some very unfortunate spiders, what’s next? How about a little virtual spring cleaning? You may have noticed that Paradux has a shiny new website design and with that a re-structuring as well. Now we do have an advantage when website redesign whimsy takes over, but there are a few things that you can do to dust off your website, that are a little easier and you can do them yourself!

Lets start with a really easy one.

Go online and browse through your website. Take the time to pause and look at every page and post. Does it all look correct? Is everything spelled correctly? Are the images working and displaying properly? Is all of the contact info up to date? If you got a new or additional phone number or email address make sure that they are on your website.

Now the next one is a bit trickier.

It is time to really look at your About page. Is the info current? If you were in business last year for 2 years, and you have made it another successful year, well then by all means update your ABOUT page! Did you get any new team members this year? Well, add that to your website! Did you accomplish any goals or create ways to differentiate yourself from your competition? Well then that should be on your ABOUT page! As Business Owners and Entrepreneur’s we are all striving to grow and reach our goals, so when you accomplish some of those goals make sure that you are keeping your audience up to speed! Try stating a goal you may have for this new year, then next year when you accomplish that goal, you can just change it to reflect your success!

OK, this last one is super easy!

Write a blog post! I know I know, TOO easy right? OK maybe not so easy for some of us, but I had to throw this one out there. Find something that is relevant and current or something that you are really fired up and excited about and the words will just fly from your fingertips! Did your Business have a good year? How about any challenges that you faced and how you overcame them?  Did you pick up a new piece of technology? Did you win an award? Hire a new employee? Offer a new product or service? Don’t over-think it, just BLOG ABOUT IT!!

Happy-Blogging-Dixie-Online-Marketing-AmbassadorAs an Online Marketing Ambassador I see it happen all the time, I build a beautiful website for a business owner, I teach them how to drive it, then give them the keys and tell them about all of the places they can go, then as I check on the site throughout the year the new content starts to fade and less and less updates get made to the blog. And do you know what? I totally understand! As an entrepreneur you are busy and blogging is something that tends to get pushed to the end of the long list of duties. Well it is time to get back on the band wagon my friend! Make it a priority, set aside 30 minutes to an hour and write about your business, I BELIEVE IN YOU!

If you do take the time to write a blog I would love to read it, put a link to it in the comments and I will check it out!




Dixie Nuñez

Online Marketing Ambassador

Smart, confident and a little sass can do wonders in the Advertising World and that is what Melinda ‘Dixie’ Nuñez brings to Paradux Media Group. As Online Marketing Ambassador Dixie works with our clients to help bridge the gap between their business and its online presence. Designing websites, managing social media and web support are just a few of the ways that she does this.

Great people skills and a WordPress dynamo, Dixie designs, and maintains our WordPress websites. She also teaches our clients how to use them so that they can manage their online content.Dixie’s past experience of administration in the medical field gives her the ability to communicate technical and complicated information in an easy to understand way.

When Dixie is not working in the Pond she spends her time finding many outlets for her creativity. She enjoys sculpting, crocheting, beading, writing, potion making, and many other crafty type things.

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  1. Jamie Futoran says

    This was a very helpful article and a great reminder of some places to make sure we’re keeping things current. I’m trying to slowly start updating the website and your tips were clear great ideas for places to get started.

    Thanks Dixie and the rest of the paradux clan 😉

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