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Local Search: SEO Google Local Business Search

The Importance of Local Search For Local Business A new study from Chitika shows that 43% of total Google search queries (both mobile and PC) are targeted to a local search.  The study also shows 25% of Yahoo and Bing searches are local search. Two years ago, Google reported that 20% of all Google searches (on… Read More


An Appearance on the Bill Meyer Show

Mike Frey and Tisha Oehmen from Paradux Media Group made an appearance on the Bill Meyer Show on Tuesday to talk about WordPress Website Design, Managed WordPress Web Hosting for Businesses and the Year End Sale on Website Design and Hosting. If you weren’t able to catch the show live, you can listen in here.


Managed Web Hosting Matters for Business Sites — It’s Your Brand’s Reputation

When we think about marketing — the first, and last thought should be your website, your website should be the place your marketing starts. The place you convert a prospect to a sale. Yet so many business owners I talk with don’t have managed web hosting. They  hate their website hosting provider, can’t reach them,… Read More

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How To Adapt To Facebook Algorithmic Changes To Brand Pages

Facebook Algorithmic Changes To Brand Pages: In September Facebook made changes to their algorithms, for the most part the changes were made will lessen the effectiveness that brand pages were getting for free and make them pay a little through promoted posts and sponsored ads. It’s only fair.  Businesses and Brands that have utilized Facebook… Read More


How To Use Facebook Ads

Build ‘likes’ with Facebook Ads: Facebook comes down to the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. The ‘haves’ are the brands/pages utilizing what’s available, and the ‘have nots’ are the pages that just post, look at Facebook as FREE, and don’t  invest anything other than time into Facebook — Facebook ads, no way, pay for Facebook…. Read More

brand narrative

Why You Need a Brand Narrative

For thousands of years, humans have utilized stories provide context, meaning, and raison d’être in our lives. Our world is constructed of personal, community, institutional, and political narratives. Think for a moment, about the power narrative has played in your life today. Chances are pretty high that upon arriving at work this morning, you met… Read More

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5 Examples Of Effective & Unique Social Media Campaigns

Starting a new business has become much easier and more affordable now that advances in technology give even the smallest operations the power to reach millions of potential customers. Cloud services, for instance, provide inexpensive storage and business software solutions, while smart phone applications enable entrepreneurs to serve their customers from anywhere in the world…. Read More

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Brand Smart with These 6 Factors

Brand smart — that’s what we’re all trying to do right? Create an amazing brand, while spending less money, and getting amazing results. Sounds daunting? Nothing to worry about. You’ve got everything you need to Brand Smart already at your fingertips. And just to help out and make it a little easier, I’ve complied the… Read More

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Local Search Google Places Now Google Plus

Google Places is Now Google Plus: If you haven’t noticed Google has now moved Google Places pages to Google Plus Local pages.  What does it mean to the local small business owner?  At this time not much.  Although, aesthetically the landing page is much nicer, and if you’ve added pictures you can create a much more… Read More

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New Facebook Tools

New Toys: So have you played with any of the new Facebook changes?  Most of us are aware of the new subtle changes on Facebook in the past month, the size of pictures in the newsfeed, promote button, offers scheduled posts and roles of admins. The impact of each varies depending on the category of… Read More


Every Door Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing, have you tried Every Door Direct Mail? You may have seen or heard the recent commercials from the US Postal Service regarding their new campaign Every Door Direct Mail.  Are you a small business owner or an agency for small businesses that is considering the US Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail?… Read More


Local Search SEO and Siri

The Importance of Local Search: While most in the tech industry have been watching the battle go on between Google and Facebook, Google launching Plus and Facebook talking about beginning a search engine of their own, under the radar comes Siri with possibly a huge advantage with local search.  Can Siri and Yelp change the scope… Read More