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How Will The No Track Button Affect Your Marketing Strategy

New initiatives have been announced to protect the privacy of online consumers. A “Do Not Track” button will be placed into web browsers to allow consumers to opt out of having companies keep track of their online data. When an Internet user searches the web, information about them is collected and used to generate ads… Read More

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SEO: Small Businesses Medford Oregon

Why Local SEO For Medford Oregon Business Owners: So why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so important to a Medford Oregon business?  Well it begins with over 40% of consumers won’t shop at a business or brand if they can’t research you or find your business on-line.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows not only… Read More

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Five Similarities Between Retail And Online Stores Every Online Marketer Needs To Understand

In the modern information age, it seems as if anyone can start an online store. Everyone knows that if you want to sell cookies online, it doesn’t take very long to go from having no online presence to establishing a website fully capable of taking orders – heck, if it takes you longer than “overnight,”… Read More

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Advertising Rush Limbaugh Red And Blue

The recent comments by Rush Limbaugh has some business owners and listeners asking themselves, is it worth it?  Should we have our business advertising in his program?  Several national companies have pulled their sponsorship’s of Limbaugh’s program including a couple mattress companies. It’s not the first nor will it be the last time that Rush… Read More


The Green Dragon of Twitter

For three years I carried a MacBook Air for business and travel.  I loved it, the only issue was that I needed to run Microsoft Office software for my work with several clients.  I was thrilled when I got the news a few years ago that I could run Office 2007 on a Mac with… Read More

How to create a small business campaign in Medford Oregon

Think Different! Build A Campaign

It’s a great time for small local businesses to “Think Differently” and create campaign messages and not immediate hit and run messages. The most remembered commercials:   Outside of Apples 1984 commercial,  the most remembered commercials, are campaigns, not commercials.  National companies and big boxes, think that way, they see the benefits of the campaign while the small… Read More

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B2B Branding Implications

Usually, when we talk about branding, we’re usually talking about B2C (business to consumer) companies, and specifically products, but we should also talk about B2B branding. If you’ve been following this blog for very long, you know that we believe all branding can have a favorable impact on every business, whether product, service, B2C branding,… Read More


Real Estate Technology Forum

If you’re a realtor, join Ameri-title for three exciting breakout sessions on the most current trends in technology for real estate! Session I Go paperless with Cartavi & explore Google rankings with Victoria Stewart, RVAR/SOMLS. Session II Get the dish on the latest and greatest technology trends and learn ways to get control of your social media marketing with… Read More

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Top 10 Finding Brand Blog Posts in 2011

I always enjoy reading the “top posts” posts on other blogs, so I thought it might be interesting (and timely) to take a quick look at the top 10 most viewed posts on the Finding Brand Blog for 2011. So, without further ado — here they are.


7 Small Business Marketing Predictions for 2012

While many things will happen in 2012 here are 7 that I think we’ll see and in some cases I really hope we’ll see. QR codes will be the “IT” thing.  Which also means it will be the most “misused” item of 2012.  Marketers will slap a QR code on anything and everything, if it has our… Read More


A Few Things To Take From 2011

Social Media can Change the World: We’re starting to see that social media really can change the world.  The Egyptian uprising was accelerated by social media and posting on Facebook and Twitter… We have also seen and felt how social media can create a new economy, books speaking engagements, in essence a new business category.  2011… Read More


Online Retailer Ups the Stakes for Local Shops (sort of)

Last week, Amazon announced that it was introducing version 1.2.1 of their Price Check mobile app. The principle is simple, find out if you’re getting the best price while you’re out shopping. Simply scan the bar-code for the product in question, or enter the product in the search box and it will tell you what… Read More