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Is Web Design 95% Typography? Three Common Misconceptions

You might have heard the phrase “web design is 95% typography.” This comes from a famous article written back in 1996 by Oliver Reichenstein. His premise was simple: because 95% of all web content is the written word, typography is going to be the most important factor of web design. Is it true? Not quite;… Read More

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Four Web Trends to Watch Out for in 2014

We’re only a month in, and the web marketing industry in 2014 is already shaping up to be quite different than it was in 2013. But that’s just the nature of a business where change is everything. As such, the best internet marketing associations and custom web page designers are looking to stay ahead of… Read More


How Well Designed Websites Improve Search Rankings: Three Tips

Did you know that about 40% of online users will abandon a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load? This percentage only increases as the wait time increases. It’s no secret that great, responsive web design can have a big impact on how successful your website is. It can affect everything from… Read More

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Three Things the Best Custom Website Designers Should Have

An older website could seriously hurt your business’s credibility. Roughly 85% of American consumers shop for services and products via a search engine, which means that they’re going to see your website at some point. If you want to make sure that you’re ready for them with open virtual arms, it’s time to hire the… Read More

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How To Track Direct Mail Results

What’s a “good” direct mail response? The one that reaches your stated objectives. As Steve Cuno writes at Deliver magazine, “I have seen companies launch costly campaigns without regard for such details, only to flounder about in an attempt to measure success afterward. That’s like throwing a dart nowhere in particular and then trying to… Read More

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Do You Enjoy Working on Your Website?

Websites. Lately I’ve been talking with lots of business owners about their websites, and the stories out there about them are truly terrifying! I’m astonished! When did it get to commonplace for service providers to hold their clients’ hostage to their services? To ignore, to intimidate, and to charge an arm and three legs for… Read More

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Branding Lessons from Trees

Although as marketers, we tend to talk about brands in never-changing absolutes – the reality is that brands evolve. They adapt. They grow. Their roots spread deeper and their ideals reach ever-higher reaching for loftier and more audacious goals – not unlike trees spreading their branches toward sunlight. Just like trees, brands need to morph, to… Read More

Blue Sky Marketing (NOT!)

Remember when our marketing lives were easy? Unlimited budgets, no concerns about the economy, fabulous television ads… those days have been gone now for awhile, and I think that as marketers, we’ve gotten better, smarter, and more responsive. We’ve had to think carefully about every dollar we spend, we’ve had to project and hit ROI… Read More