There are a lot of reasons that you might want to add code to a post or a page on your WordPress website. It could be to add a YouTube video, embed a tweet, insert a mail list signup form, or any other of thousands of reasons. It can show up as “embed code”, “iframe”, or “script”.  The goal of the code it to provide additional functionality that didn’t previously exist on the website. Without the trick shown in this video, putting the code on the website though can be challenging at best — and impossible at worst. In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the complete code phrase
  • How to install the code on your post or page
  • How to ensure that the code triggers on the post or page and doesn’t show up as … well, code

About the Author:

Tisha Oehmen

Tisha Oehmen is a professional brand strategist and a leader in the branding field. She has been named a member of the Global Guru’s Top 30 Brand Gurus. She is also the co-founder of Oregon-based Paradux Media Group and the best-selling author of the book, Finding Brand: The Brand Book Tutorial.

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