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Papa Johns EugenePapa John’s is a national franchise that boasts a significant number of local franchise owners.┬áLocal owners of national franchise brands have the unique challenge of maintaining a national brand, while at the same time, being as much a part of the local community as any local business is. These franchise owners not only live in a community, they raise their families, root for the local team, and support their share of non-profits.

The Eugene/Springfield owner of Papa John’s is no different. For them, we’ve created a local campaign that extends the national while reinforcing their local ownership. This leverages all the national advertising Papa John’s does, while at the same time, filling in the local with radio ads, newspaper ads, social media management and of course, their Point of Sale material.

Blending a national brand with a local flavor works extremely well and allows Papa John’s Eugene/Springfield to take their rightful place as a local business, but with the name recognition afforded a national brand.