Customer Referral Program – Custom Designed – Medford


It’s true…The best advertising is word of mouth! Referral programs can not only help create word of mouth, but they also create loyalty amongst your current customer base.  What a well prepared and planned referral program can do:

  • Structured referral programs that provide guidelines and examples can make it easy for clients to recommend you.
  • A referral program can provide an incentive that justifies your client’s time and effort spent referring you.
  • A good referral program can give you a quick path to more ideal clients.
  • Referrals, and the thank you’s that should follow, can help you retain your key clients.
  • Ongoing recommendations and introductions can help you grow your business network.

Here is a look at our client, Retail Profit System (RPS) referral system. RPS provides custom transaction solutions and guidance that allow our customer relationships to grow and prosper beyond equipment and software.

rps referral program