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As the largest healthcare provider of comprehensive medical care to more than 580,000 people throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California, Asante Health System was ready to create a cohesive brand that would communicate both their power and values.

We helped them to evolve their logo, create a brand position, change the naming structure of the hospitals to a parent brand model, and involve key stakeholders throughout the process. But because branding is never a one and one process, we also helped them codify the new brand position into a brand book — “The Principles of Brand.”

The brand book not only introduced the new brand position for Asante, it also discussed some of the ideological shifts that the brand represents internally. The brand book served to remind the stakeholder-reader of the roots of the brand in the mission and strategy. Finally, it introduced the new Asante brand position manifesto. When paired with the 10 minute, Telly-winning video, Asante was able to bring the entire staff and stakeholders, along with the leadership to a common foundation from which they could live the brand.

If you’re ready to Experience Better Health — go see Asante.


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