The Heart of Caring


Lovejoy-HospiceLovejoy Hospice, the only independent, non-profit hospice provider in Southern Oregon, came to us to create a strong and cohesive brand. It started with a logo, but quickly grew to encompass every outward element of their image, from brochures to radio ads, signage to consent forms, stand-alone programs to event marketing, and trade show booths to social media.

Our job was to create a unique, identifiable brand image that embraced their brand position of “The Heart of Caring,” while not focusing on death and dying. Instead we focused on quality of life, making memories that will last forever.

As a result of the cohesive branding campaign, Lovejoy now enjoys an unprecedented level of visibility in the community. Their outward image reflects the professional service their patients receive. And an added benefit, staff and volunteers are bursting with pride when they identify themselves as part of the Lovejoy team.