Live Life Full Circle


My Circle K-Colvin OilColvin Oil owns more than 175 gas stations and convenience stores throughout Oregon and Northern California. When they decided to consolidate their convenience stores to be entirely Circle K stores, we were asked to help them create an identifiable brand that could be used to distinguish their Circle K stores from independently owned franchises.

We created the “My Circle K” brand, with the position: “Live Life Full Circle.” The position gave us the ability to create a website that we could push people to for information on the Colvin Oil Circle Ks offers and promotions. We rely on the website as the backbone of any campaign and utilize radio, video, the press, and Facebook to drive traffic to their stores.

Once their customers arrive at the stores, they see the in-store promotional signage that we have developed to consistently carry the brand elements through their rewards program, to upsell product, to share the ways this locally owned company helps support the kids of our community, and to participate in giveaways.

One of unique campaigns we created included taking 50 cents off a gallon of gas at one location, for one hour. This campaign was conducted entirely on Facebook and press release, resulting in lines for blocks around the lucky station. Other Facebook campaigns include partnering with radio stations to do a Jet Away Get Away contests for one lucky fan to see stars like Fleetwood Mac.

If you’re ready to live life full circle, stop by a My Circle K today.