PremierWest Bank “Look Your Banker in the Eye” Radio Commercial


Stories are the essence of any good marketing campaign.   Creating an on-going narrative theme, telling a story, that is a campaign!  We see national companies create successful ‘campaigns’ and local companies can do the same thing.

What prevents most local companies for creating great ‘campaigns’ is patience and commitment?  This is the third installment of “telling it like it is western campaign” from PremierWest Bank.  The importance of a campaign is you develop trust with the audience, why?  Because you stand for something.

This campaign began when the ‘Big Banks’ were ready to roll out a debit card usage fee, the installment was about being honest and shooting straight, this, the third installment is about trust and community.  It’s about looking someone in the eye and knowing what they stand for.

We look forward to the positive response from this spot as PWB has gotten from the previous two and look forward to creating the next spot of this campaign when the time comes.