PremierWest Bank Radio Spot – Grab Your Opportunity


Build a campaign don’t just advertise

One of our favorite characters that we’ve created is the PremierWest Bank straight shooter.  The series began when the big 5 banks wanted to begin charging you for using your debit card.  Let’s face it, location and amount of branches just doesn’t trump localness when it comes to where we bank bank, it’s about the total experience.

PremierWest Bank has a long standing history with the “way of the west,” and the work ethic and honesty that comes with working in the ‘west’.  This spot is the 4th in the straight shooter series. It was written, and is being aired, just to remind people that yes, banks are in the lending business, and sometimes that great idea just needs the spark of a bank believing in them. And that is when banking local and borrowing from someone you trust matters. All things PremierWest Bank strives to be and achieve each and every day.

Take a listen to the spot, and listen to the series and listen to how important it is to build a ‘campaign’ and not just advertise.