Amy Swanson

Amy Swanson is a part of the marketing/content department at Quality Logo Products and regularly contributes to their promotional products blog. She is a self-professed newspaper nerd, business buff, and TV enthusiast who cites 'Parks and Recreation' as one of her favorites. But don’t ask her to put in a good word with Ron Swanson – she unfortunately can’t help you there.

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4 Tips for Creating the Best Business Card

Long after the trade show booths are packed up, the convention hall is vacuumed and waiting for the next industry show to come to town, what are your new contacts doing? They’re sifting through a hefty stack of business cards that could rival a phone book in its thickness. Yes, business cards. Despite everyone hopping… Read More

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5 Reasons Target is a Top-Notch Retailer to Copy

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar to you. You go into Target for three mundane items that should only cost you maybe ten bucks: Silly things like shampoo, shaving cream, and a birthday card. However, an hour later you walk out a hundred dollars lighter and the proud owner of two new shirts, new… Read More

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Tips to Make your ‘Cause Marketing’ efforts Worth it!

When it comes to new and unique promotions for your company, it’s sometimes difficult to generate ideas that won’t make you yawn with boredom. You’ve done coupons, you’ve done free gifts with purchase, and heck, you’ve even celebrated ‘National Golf Month’ with golf-themed giveaways. What’s left? How about a little cause marketing to boost not… Read More

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How Small Businesses Can Use ‘National Days’ for Their Next Promotion

It seems like every time I check my social media accounts, one of my favorite companies is promoting a “National Day” that falls directly into their industry. 7-11 had their annual “SlurpFree Day” on May 23rd, and Dunkin’ Donuts will be celebrating “National Donut Day” on June 1st by giving away a free donut with… Read More


How to Avoid Being the Next Kmart – A Real Life Marketing Lesson

News recently came out that Kmart isn’t doing so hot right now. However, don’t outsiders always have the best perspective on issues like this, especially when it comes to seeing the true marketing lesson? We don’t have a dog in the fight or any care or reason not to give our unqualified honest opinion about… Read More


Developing Transparency in a Digital Age

Even though we’re all adults here, let’s be honest; talking to strangers is sometimes awkward and uncomfortable. This is especially true when you have to contact a company that seems like a faceless organization out to get your hard-earned money. You can prevent this from happening to your company, though! When Dorothy and the rest… Read More