We have had the privilege to work with and for a broad range of clients, and we’ve loved every moment of it. Each client is different with different needs, and we strive to provide a customized solution designed just for them. But don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our clients have to say about working with Paradux Media Group.


Michael DeLaGrange, Insurance Lounge

I have worked with Paradux for many years and they not only produce a great work product, but they truly care about you and your business. Paradux’s quality of work and amazing responsiveness is unmatched. The creative force Paradux brings to the table is something every company needs.
Brande Cowden

Brande Cowden, People’s Bank of Commerce

I know that when I call Paradux Media, I’m always able to talk to Tisha or Mike about what we need accomplished.  My requests are always done prior to deadline and look fabulous.  They have always given me their full attention and make me feel like we are their only client.  Thank you for doing what you do and making my job a lot easier!

Pete Belcastro, Table Rock Sports

Table Rock Sports produced several thousand Southern Oregon high school football and basketball broadcasts on radio, then audio internet, for most of our 26 years.  During that time we raised thousands of dollars for our schools. That radio model was also old and tired, and our business was sinking with it. But it was Paradux Media who helped us make the transition from audio-only into video serving platforms of live streaming and archiving games.  Under Paradux's guidance, we re-created and re-positioned our brand.  Today we've transformed ourselves into a successful Internet Sports Video company.  We've expanded beyond high school athletics.  Best of all we're creating a local on line sports community, free to view, advertiser supported, that delivers meaningful content via mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.  Without Paradux Media, I doubt we would be operating today. Thanks Mike, Tish, and Team for never losing faith in us.

Patrick Oropallo, Eagle Point Golf Course

Paradux Media is responsive, intelligent, and ahead of others in their industry. Paradux makes all aspects of a project easy & fun. They are the most creative people I have ever worked with and I am fortunate to have them as a part of my team.
Rob King Opus Broadcasting

Rob King, Opus Broadcasting

I've worked with several companies over the years, and none of them came close to giving us the service we get from Paradux. Our websites are always up to date with current contests and promotions.  That's extremely important to us because we direct our listeners to the sites for information on everything we do.  They created our websites for us, but the service didn't stop there.  They maintain our websites and social media and give us ideas on how to increase traffic and have even given us ideas for new revenue streams through our digital platforms! I'm continually impressed with the creativity and quick turn around time of their graphic arts team.  I just give them a general idea, and they always come up with something visually appealing and creative.  We brand our clients and Paradux helps us brand Opus Broadcasting.  They've designed everything from business and Christmas cards to logos for our Stations, contests, and features.   I'm very particular when it comes to who I refer my clients to.  I know that when I refer a client to Paradux, they'll get nothing but the very best, professional service.

Genie Gillian, Wagon Trail Foods

At Wagon Trail Foods, we have found Paradux Media to be the best fit for our company. The things that make my job easier as a business owner is that they get back to me immediately when I have a problem or concern with my website, they guided me thru the design of an affordable social media campaign and I can count on them to act on my request for changes in a timely fashion. I have full confidence in Paradux and I highly recommend them to other businesses owners in need of quality marketing help.
Checkered Cab of Southern Oregon

Garrett Wechsler, Checker Cab of Southern Oregon

I recently hired Paradux Media Group to build a new web site for my business, as well as host and guide me on my quest for search engine optimization. My web site was built and up and running in less than a week. A fantastic job in it's raw form might I add, only requiring minor adjustments, and only to fit my preferences. Since starting my relationship with Paradux I have experienced a level of professionalism that I have rarely found in any business. They offer a team of specialists who assist you in every aspect of your web related campaign, including continued personal assistance and guidance with regular site adjustments. Dixie with Paradux has shown me, yes, shown me (via video chat on my computer), how to manipulate my website comfortably whenever I feel it necessary. I love the ability to have my hands directly involved in managing my web site. While this option is great, it by no means is an indication that they wont do this work for me, quite the contrary. Every time I have called, there is someone to help me with this, and usually immediately, while on the phone. I am truly grateful to have found Paradux Media Group, and look forward to a long professional relationship with them.

Scott Palmer, Bag & Baggage

Paradux was perfect. They really listened to us, got to know our needs and our business. Most importantly, they got to know our personality and worked diligently to ensure our website reflected who we are as a company. Cheeky, fun, provocative, daring and creative – that’s how we describe ourselves, and that’s exactly how our site turned out. The staff are responsive to our every question – no matter how small or confusing it might be! We won’t ever use anyone else for our website. We’ve found our perfect partner in Paradux!

Joe Rossi, BBSI-Medford

BBSI-Medford partners with Paradux Media because they possess the expertise, business approach, and local understanding of our market that directly complements the way that we conduct business ourselves.  They have become an integral part of our business team, marketing acumen, and success story.

Tamara, Miller, Organic Elements Spa

Fantastic team, they cover all bases to give you a full service in-house experience. I couldn't be happier with Paradux Media Group!

Nick & Ruth Hewitt, Professional Transportation Services, Inc.

Thanks Mike and Tisha for a great job helping us promote our small family owned trucking company.

Liz Love, Essentially Liz Love

Honestly, this is the most transformative and profound program for your business ever! The best way to get your "Dux" in a row! Thank you Paradux Media!! I love you!!!!

Alex Martin, Gold Crown Jewelry

If you’ve ever been invited to a party as a guest compared to being invited to that same party as an “honored” guest, you know there a huge difference. It’s the same with those companies that will simply just park/host your website on their server vs. a company like Paradux Media that offers managed hosting. There is a difference. Simply put, managed hosting treats you and your website like more than just another customer, but rather an important customer, no matter how big or small. Managed hosting provides so many more options to the success and security of my website, for a cost that was quite comparable to the “host it and forget about me” service I was getting from my previous web host. As part of a managed hosting service, they showed me how to utilize my current customers to actually promote my products to their own contacts, in a very social and fun manner. It is for this reason that I rely on Paradux Media’s managed hosting service to be able to reach more of my target market more cost effective and with better results. That increases my bottom line!

Jennifer Morin, Efficient Spaces

When you take a look at the logos Paradux Media Group has designed, you will see professional, sleek logos that really reflect what the business is all about.  My consultation with Paradux helped me to narrow down my target market, and the creative process of creating the logo was enjoyable. The staff responded quickly to my messages  and we ended up with a stylin' new logo. Thank you, Paradux!
Kelly Marquess

Kelly Marquess, Richard Stevens & Associates

Excellent price, excellent training, overall great experience!

Tom Menne, Shark Manufacturing

It's important for me to do business with someone that actually cares if I'm happy with my web site. The support I've received over the past year has been great.
Susan Place

Susan Place, Green Living Journal – Portland

I am so pleased with the work and help Paradux Media Group gave us on our website redo for GreenLivingPDX.com. She understood our wishes, interpreted what we were trying to do and say on our site. We are very glad we chose and found Paradux Media Group. Communication was great and I have been given the information and tools to maintain the site. Thanks Paradux!
Marilyn Maloney

Marilyn Maloney, Lake Creek Historical Society

Wonderful people and did a wonderful job on our website. Fantasic !!!
Carmen Voilleque

Carmen Voilleque, Best Practices Media

I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you have done on our website and social media for the book. Randy and I talked about it this morning and we are so pleased with everything. We are finally starting to see some traction and I know a lot of it is due to how you are using key search words for our blogs and keeping up to date on promotions. You have helped us so much and we just want you to know what it means to us. Paradux has amazing service and we are so happy with the results!

RuthAnn Bottorff

They are extremely helpful! They helped me quite a bit with my business facebook page! If you want to get your name out there talk to Paradux Media Group!
Robert Oaks

Robert Oaks, Ultra Pure Water

I can not say enough about how valuable the SEO work was to me, and I have an in-house IT guy! Thank you Mike!
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Skip Geear, Woodhouse Preservation Group

The Old Wood House is now in the 2.0 world with a website all it's own. Please check it out. Special thanks goes out to Paradux Media Group for their kind donation of designing the website.
Mark Heminger

Mark Heminger, Copywriter

As a marketing professional, I know the importance of clear communication, strong execution and follow through. Paradux nailed all three. They asked the right questions up front, which enabled them to deliver a product--my website--that I wanted. Just as importantly, Paradux continues to provide expertise and guidance as needed now that my site is live. Their reputation is well deserved.
Kelly Marquess

Kelly Marquess, Richard Stevens & Associates

I am very satisfied with the SEO work. Everything I learned was useful and helpful. I have already seen our website move up in the Google searches, and as I write and SEO more blogs, etc., I have a feeling we will be in the # 1 spot in no time. It was very nice having a one-on-one class over the phone. I didn’t have to drive anywhere for a seminar, and no interruptions by fellow students! Thank you, Mike, for getting me up to date with SEO. Also, thank you, Tisha, for creating our awesome website!! I have already recommended Paradux Media to several people (one just this morning!), and I look forward to another opportunity to work with you again!
Susan Mackenzie

Susan Mackenzie, Susan MacKenzie Interiors

You are the best. You explain it all so well and have encouraged me endlessly.
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Jenn Warhurst, Ephemera Magnets

Before Paradux Media, we relied on dumb luck and wishes to get our name to the people of the world. We found the computer and the people living within it frightening and confusing. One day, a strange homeless man informed us that the people inhabiting the computer had money. Lots of it, and that there was a way to get these people to give us their money in exchange for our goods and services (this homeless man was quite savvy, he also informed us of the "visitors" trying to take over our brains with A1 Sauce). We sought out Paradux Media shortly after. By magic, (or Paradux’s hard work, not sure which) my Facebook and Twitter filled with people. I am told this is important but I mostly just use this as an opportunity to berate people with bad grammar or differentiating political views from mine. Thanks Paradux, for helping Ephemera break into the internet and piss people off on a much grander scale than we could have ever accomplished on our own. In fact, with our newfound understanding of the Internet, we are thinking of changing our slogan to “Ephemera, LOL Troll!”

Lonny Morgan, Morgan Built Construction

Working with Paradux Media Group to build my website was very easy from my point of view. I have no idea how its built or how they get all the pretty pictures in there, I just know when I go to my website, I am very proud to say "yea that's my website and Paradux is responsible for getting me online." Paradux Media Group has continued to be very supportive of me and helping me to better understand the in and outs of having a web site. Thank You Paradux Media Group.
Ruth Ann Bottorff

Ruth Ann Bottorff

I've been getting first class help for Facebook and marketing from Paradux Media Group. First class responsive service, and lots of talent. If your business could use a boost, check them out.
Cindy Priestley

Cindy Priestley

In a matter of a few short weeks, Paradux Media Group was able to take my thoughts and ideas and turn them into my perfect website. I pictured in my mind certain colors and concepts on how I wanted myself to be portrayed and she listened to my "ramblings" and created what I infact visualized. Not an easy feat I must say! My knowledge of the techno world is that of a 50 something and not of a 20 something she so graciously guided me through every step. I would highly recommend Paradux, not only for their creative abilities on creating the perfect website, but also for her down to earth approach to help maintain and carry the website forward to improve a business for the future. Thanks so much, Cindy

Alex Martin, Gold Crown Jewelry

While I consider myself an expert at the product I sell, and how to sell it successfully to my customers, I really had no idea of just how many new sales opportunities I was missing out on each and every day by not using social media to its fullest potential. I simply didn’t have the time nor talent throughout the day to figure out how to use Facebook & Twitter to truly grow my business. As a natural born skeptic, its easy to dismiss those that promise “immediate and profound results”, but after using the services of Paradux Media and incorporating their simple proven social media business strategies, my sales sky-rocketed literally in the first 24 hours of our initial meeting....and it has not let up since! Thank you Paradux Media!
Barbara Allen

Barbara Allen

On Anne Herrick's recommendation we called Tisha Oehmen of Paradux Media Group to discuss using social media to advantage for The Barbara Allen Group. She was not only extremely nice and informative but helpful, and she spoke in terms we could understand. She helped us improve our blogging in a big way! We called for a follow-up and to get her advice on how we were proceeding with her information. She brought Mike with her. We ended up hiring their company to review our entire website and implement changes to optimize SEO. We appreciate their easy manner and expertise. I have literally spent thousands on trying to place our business at the top of search engines which was always short lived. Within a few weeks they were back to us and helped us implement their suggestions. If one checks out real estate in Ashland Oregon we are at the top consistently!!! We are happy to recommend Paradux, especially Tisha and Mike!
Carmen Voilleque

Carmen Voilleque, Extreme Arts & Sciences

I recommend Paradux Media Group for any business or individual looking to increase their brand awareness and reputation through their marketing and social media services. My company hired Paradux to help us launch our business book and while we have been very impressed with their knowledge, expertise and professionalism, what is most impressive is the high-touch level of customer service they provide. In the early months of our relationship I had an endless number of questions and they were quick to provide me with answers and educations. They were endlessly patient with us as we learned the ropes of effective social media use and digital marketing. I continue to be impressed with Paradux Media Group’s ability to gather information from us and use it in a timely and effective manner – often anticipating our needs before we realize them or matching our content to timely current affairs and news postings for increased relevance. We are so happy that we made the choice to use Paradux for marketing our book. It has had a significant impact on our visibility and sales.
Jay Reese

Jay Reese, Play Action Sports Media

I can speak from personal and professional experience that Paradux Media is awesome!! True pros, and great attention to detail. Paradux has helped my Sports radio-TV-web properties tremendously. Business ONLY goes where it's invited, and Paradux Media can increase your business traffic.
Kellie Hill

Kellie Hill, The Right Nutrition Plan

Paradux Media is more than just a standard advertising group. They have helped me move my business in bigger, better directions . Their personal touch make me feel like they are "partners" in my success. It takes a team to grow a business in these times and I'm glad they are on my team.
Michael Kozak

Michael Kozak, NewAge Natural & Organic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Thank you Tisha for helping us out. Every time I send you an email or have a question, your response is amazingly fast and you always solve our problem. You and your company are awesome, our thumbs up to you
Melissa Mattick

Melissa Mattick, 4M Management

Having worked with Mike for years designing effective radio marketing campaigns, I was confident putting his knowledge to work combining our traditional media and social media into one integrated package. Paradux Media works creatively with our limited marketing budget to target the greatest number of likely customers, instead of simply reaching the most people. Facebook and Twitter are a perfect fit for reaching out to our customers, but we were a little intimidated with having to muddle through a rather public learning experience. With the support of Paradux Media, we are able to manage our social media effectively while keeping room in the budget for a radio and print aspect of our overall marketing plan. Marketing education is another reason we use Paradux Media. We can bounce promotional ideas out to them, and have those ideas refined in ways that add to our bottom line and promote our image with little, or even better, no cost.
Social media manager for Papa John's Eugene Oregon

Tim Mitchell, Papa Johns Pizza Eugene

Mike, Just a quick – Thank You – for talking me into the ‘Social Media’ generation. Since we started working with Paradux on creating and maintaining a Social Media presence, I have seen and heard exactly how impactful this has been with our customers. There usually is not a day that goes by that I’m not getting feedback from customers, friends, family, or our Team Members on what a ‘Fun’ and ‘Informative’ page we have. As we know, it’s all about the quality and relevance, of what we’re saying and who we’re saying it to…and you’ve continued to do a great job with this.
Anne Herrick Deinel

Anne Herrick Deinel

The folks at Paradux Media Group have an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge when it comes to promoting your business, especially using Social Media. For many of us there is a huge learning curve in knowing how to effectively use social media to grow our businesses. This is what Paradux Media Group excels at. I'm a busy business owner and don't have the time or interest to learn and handle all the details needed to use social media to promote my business. Paradux Media Group has the knowledge, skills and time to take care of this for me and I'm so grateful they do! Want to make your life easier and make use of social media to grow your business? Engage the services of Paradux Media Group for all of your advertising needs!
Kate Crowston

Kate Crowston, Shady Kate’s

They could not be more helpful...more professional..more responsive and supportive! What a fabulous addition to our community, our Chamber, and Facebook. I look forward to a very productive business relationship as well as a personal one with them. Get on board with them...if you haven't already.