At Paradux Media Group we have diligently and intentionally built a very diverse client base with a varied set of marketing needs. For us, our sweet spot is working with businesses that have under 500 employees, with a diverse of industries.

Of course, this means we have to leave our cookie cutters at home, but matching the right set of marketing solutions with each, individual, client has a reward that’s much sweeter than any cookie we could make.

Besides, cookie cutters are for baking...not for marketing.

no cookie cutter advertising solution here

Representative Client List

We work with a large number of clients on a monthly basis, but we know you want details. Here are just a few of the companies we’re proud to represent:
Hilton Landscaping
The SOREDI Logo.
Category Experience

Our philosophy is that cross-category experience makes all advertising better. But we also know that sometimes it matters for your marketing and advertising agency to have had experience specifically in your category. We make it our mission to work with a broad range of categories in a variety of capacities. These are a few of them.