Sam Wright

Sam Wright is a journalist based in Norwich, Norfolk

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How To Harness The Power Of CRM Segmentation

In every small business, there’s a requirement to market the company without breaking the bank. Effective marketing means balancing the needs of your customers with the resources the business has, and leveraging all of the available data is a big part of that. From small companies to massive multinations, segmentation is a common concept in… Read More

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The 5 Most Shared Adverts Of 2013

The viral video is one of the most powerful tools in marketing today. But getting a marketing video to go viral is exceptionally difficult. The video has to have quirky content, mass appeal and must strike a chord with millions of people. If you can come up with a clever ad that ticks all the… Read More

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Market Research: 5 Facts Clients Need To Know

Thinking of getting into market research? Jobs aren’t easy to come by, and you’ll need to have a head start at the interview. It helps to think through your early market research projects and consider what your clients will ask of you. If you haven’t done any freelance market research work, here are five typical… Read More