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Branding Services

Branding services are about creating instant recognition in the consumer’s mind. At Paradux Media Group - we have the experience you need to succeed.


Branding services create instant recognition in the consumer’s mind. It can be something as simple as the combination of a voice, a graphic, and/or a phrase.  When a business intentionally engages in the act of branding, they create a consistent look and feel for the company that results in more business, every day. Moreover, a company’s brand gives their customers a reason to choose them every time over their competition.

branding servicesAt Paradux Media Group, whether we’re creating a brand for the first time, or migrating an existing brand into its new future, we’re dedicated to making sure that EVERY element of the external (and even more importantly,  internal) marketing efforts are in alignment with a business’s overall brand. We’ve even got the best-selling brand-building author, Tisha Oehmen, leading our team to make sure the brand is built consistently and correctly, externally and internally.

For Asante, our dedication to brand development became a new logo, naming conventions, and brand position. For People’s Bank, our branding services included a new tagline and internal strategies for rolling it out and getting every staff person to feel ownership of the concept and to actively contribute to its execution. For the City of Eagle Point, our branding services included a large-scale community survey to determine the personality of Eagle Point, a Stakeholder group to determine the single cohesive element that the City stood for, target audience identification, and tagline. For SOREDI, we brought their brand to life with everything from an updated logo to Edge Profiles — with stops off at brochures, letterhead, and flyers in between. At Colvin Oil, brand development looks like Point of Sale signage (POS), business cards, website development, and radio and tv advertisements. For many of our clients, developing their brand has saved them time, money, and increased both the quality and quantity of their customer base.

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Our Brand Services Will Help You Take Off.

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We Create Brand Positions to Quack About.

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