Digital Online Marketing

At ParaduxMedia Group, we believe your website should be the backbone of any campaign but digital online marketing is so much more than just the backbone.


digital online marketingDigital Online Marketing is an important weapon in a company’s arsenal. At Paradux, we believe your website should be the backbone of any campaign but digital is so much more than just the backbone. Digital Online Marketing has the power to create experiences that encompass and extend a company’s brand and marketing strategy to the online world. Whether it’s creating and updating your WordPress website, deploying an online pay-per-click or search engine marketing (PPC/SEM) ad, employing up-to-date strategies for growing your email list, or engaging in directory listing and search engine optimization (SEO), digital is a significant channel for winning customers and potential customers in today’s world.

For the Butcher Shop, this became a digital content strategy which includes content writing, email newsletters, Facebook management, social video production, WordPress website design and maintenance, and pay per click advertising. For the Human Bean Corporate, it is a Franchise PPC campaign targeting potential coffee kiosk franchise owners, and Facebook and Instagram stop-motion videos and image post library. For Jackson County Fire District 3, it’s a stable no-muss/no-fuss hosting environment for their website. For Organic Elements Spa, it’s content writing, email newsletter creation, and digital flyer creation. For Real Estate Agent Pete Belcastro, it’s a dead simple weekly email newsletter template, that only requires content is put on the website. And for Tablerock Sports, it is a content aggregation system that harvests all the content their reporters put on social media and consolidates it on their website, automatically sending out weekly email newsletters without additional human intervention. For It’s a Yorkie Life, it’s allowing fans to upload their own images, and automatically publishing and distributing them to all the social media channels in tandem, as well as an effortless weekly email newsletter campaign.

For countless other clients, our digital services have become their effortlessly-awesome online presence, the way they get noticed online, and how they differentiate themselves to bring in new clients and keep their existing clients coming back.