Social Media Management

Social media management is a powerful communication system and we know that for businesses, it’s never been more important.


social media management

In today’s world, social media management is so much more than just old high school friends and what someone ate for lunch. It is a powerful communication system that more and more people are relying on each and every day.  We know that for businesses, it’s never been more important to harness the power of social media. And with the unique approach we use at Paradux Media Group, even the smallest companies are able to have their voice heard as easily as great big organizations, giving you a shot at business contracts you never thought possible. We use a combination of earned media and paid media across all social media channels to maximize the results for our clients.

For It’s a Yorkie Life, social media management looks like growing their Facebook page to more than 106,000 Yorkie fans. At Paradux we creating engagement, post, and moderate the page – but it’s also creating and administering unique contests like the Yorkie March Madness Photo Contest which garners engagement and participation among an enthusiastic audience.  At The Butcher Shop, it means producing social media video to highlight periodic specials, behind the scenes video, and driving traffic for fan-sales. At Colvin Oil, social media became the basis for the wildly successful 50 cents off a gallon of gas campaign that increased their reputation, sold product, and engaged their fan base. For a regional financial institution, we curate and create a post library for their marketing team. For a pizza franchise, we create dinner-hour demand for pizza, just one element in a cohesive strategy for growing their market percentage.  For many of our other clients, social media management is always within brand, and never with silly pictures of cats or commentary on lunch. After all, being a business on social media is still about being a business first, we get it.