Crystal Doyle

A graduate of business management and communications, Crystal utilizes her knowledge of public relations and applies it to her methods of managing.

launching a new business

Launching a New Business: Unique Ways to Announce Your New Venture

After months of planning and preparation, you’re ready to launch your new business and make your new business announcement. Now you need to focus on bringing in customers and developing a loyal foundation. That’s easier said than done. Is print advertising worth the money? Will online advertising bring in enough local customers? With seemingly endless… Read More

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Strategies for Jumpstarting Productivity — 4 Tips

Whether you’re coding websites, writing content or selling advertisement, time seems to slip away before that to-do list is kaput. With so many distractions (social media, Netflix,, it’s no wonder workers struggle to stay focused. A Gallup study found that employees with access to a desktop computer, paper document, mobile device and desk phone… Read More