Launching a New Business: Unique Ways to Announce Your New Venture

Preparing for the day you can send that new business announcement can take months. Now you unique ways to announce your new venture.

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After months of planning and preparation, you’re ready to launch your new business and make your new business announcement. Now you need to focus on bringing in customers and developing a loyal foundation. That’s easier said than done. Is print advertising worth the money? Will online advertising bring in enough local customers? With seemingly endless options and a limited budget, it can be difficult to determine how your money will be best spent for your new business announcement. Here are four unique ways to announce your new venture without breaking the bank:

Send Freebies to VIP Customers

When it comes to launching a new business, identify the most valuable customers in your market. These well-connected influencers can help you get the word out. They are people with broad social and professional networks who others look to for leadership and guidance. Send free products or a voucher for complimentary services so they can try out your business without any risk.

By giving free products or services to influencers, you can strategically expand the reach of your brand through one of the most trusted forms of advertising: word-of-mouth. Customers earned through word-of-mouth referrals are valuable; they expect a good experience, and if they receive it, they become your most loyal customers.

Align With a Complementary Business

Create community synergy by aligning your business with other local companies in complementary industries. Have promotional materials printed, including business cards, postcards, loyalty cards and pamphlets explaining your offerings. Have everything printed in bulk quantities to get the best bargain. For a tight turnaround time, postcard printing from Overnight Prints is a budget-friendly option.

Make a list of the businesses you want to align with and personally visit each store. Ask if you can leave a stack of materials for their customers. Most local businesses will happily cooperate, especially if you offer to promote their business.

Make Your New Business Stand Out

new business announcement, launching a new businessIf you have a brick and mortar location, think of your building and shop windows as a blank canvas capable of attracting new business. Get signage announcing your grand opening to get the attention of pedestrians and other commuters. Have the sign custom made in bold colors and a unique font that will stand out. Then look at the windows. iVillage suggests creating an enticing window display that will invite customers into your shop. If creativity isn’t your strong suit, ask an artistic friend to help you adorn the windows in a way that represents your new business brand in an eye-catching way.

Host an Event

Everyone loves an excuse to celebrate, so gather your family and friends to celebrate the launch of your business. Ask everyone to bring two guests who don’t know you to help expand your reach with new customers. Serve simple finger foods and drinks and raffle your products or services as prizes to give people a chance to try everything.

Crystal Doyle

A graduate of business management and communications, Crystal utilizes her knowledge of public relations and applies it to her methods of managing.

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  1. Michael Magic says

    Whats the best way to send the freebies to VIP customers online? Facebook or twitter? Problem is, our new business doesnt have that much likes and followers at the moment. Would that be an issue?

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    Many of the business people are concentrating on the reliable and promotional products to launch their business awareness in the market. With added services and advantages these products are utilized for many purposes.

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