Dan Ripoll

Dan Ripoll is co-founder and CEO of Content BLVD, a crowdsourced content marketing platform enabling businesses and bloggers to publish informative, engaging content and grow their audience.

ContentBLVD.com, is an innovative new content production platform enabling bloggers to publish high-quality, free blog content at no cost. The website connects bloggers to marketers looking to build their brands, increase traffic, and boost their author rank through their association with quality content.

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Using You Tube to Drive Traffic: 500 Million People Can’t be Wrong!

500 million people can’t be wrong! That’s the number recently estimated that visit You Tube looking for videos on a given month! That means, if that many people are on You Tube, as a business owner, you need to be too! It’s very simple to join, create your own channel, and set up a constant… Read More

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Four Time Management Tips for Bloggers

Whether you work at home full time or you are just a part time blogger, you have probably experienced times where you have become overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done. It’s easy to sit down in front of the computer and get sucked right in, realizing a couple hours later that you have… Read More