Mark Harris

Successful writer and online marketer Mark Harris both lives and works in White Rock, British Columbia. When he’s not working in his home office, he enjoys heading to a local coffee shop that has free WiFi, free refills, and the best vanilla latte in all of western Canada. When he’s not using sites like to research information for the articles he writes, he enjoys spending time outdoors doing things like kayaking and hiking. However, his favorite activity is whisking his wife off to the coast for picnics on the nearby coastal beaches.

we were wondering

The Story of Pinterest – Image Sharing Gone Viral

While perusing Pinterest before writing this article I found a quote that said, “Every experience prepares you for the next one. You just don’t know what the next one is going to be.” That’s very true, and it reminded me of the one person who could probably relate to it the best, and that person… Read More