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The Importance Of Social Media At Tradeshows

Industry specific tradeshows have always provided businesses, both large and small, with the opportunity to meet with clients face to face and establish new sales leads. However, they have been irrevocably changed following the proliferation of social media, taking them into the virtual domain as well as the physical. With companies tweeting images and posting… Read More

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How To Do Good With Marketing

People who work in marketing do not, fundamentally, have the most beloved of professions. From Bill Hicks’ legendary “If anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourselves” routine to your parents who have tell their neighbours that you’re in jail to avoid having to say what you actually do for a living, this is… Read More

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Your Business Card is a Personal Investment

Digital advertising has become an important part of the business world. However, a good salesperson knows that a personalized touch is also quite important. This is where a good business card can really help a salesperson get ahead with clients. Developing a business relationship is not always about QR codes and social media engagement. How… Read More